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Email at the Heart of Cross Channel Marketing

From iPads to smartphones, the consumer experience has gone digital. Businesses that want to reach these consumers must follow suit, and market to customers through a variety of devices and…


Kick Start Your SMS Marketing Campaign Now!

98% of customers respond to text messages making it the most viral medium of direct promotion. 8.6 Trillion text messages are sent every year on average. SMS Marketing is effective…

Business person analyzing financial statistics displayed on the tablet screen

What you can learn from your Email Reports?

We can brainstorm endlessly over ‘How to optimize email marketing?’ But, all said and done are you hitting the target? Your email efforts pay off, you should understand the impact…


Gmail Supports Responsive Email Design

With many potential customers opening emails on mobile, it’s essential that marketers optimize their sends for tablets and smartphones in addition to desktop computers. Luckily, Google has made that easier…


The Power Of Transactional Emails

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a startup or a cozy café that people love, if you have an digital presence, a website or an app, then you…


Email lead nurturing for your business

So you went out and bought that shiny new marketing toy — marketing automation technology — sold on the allure of how it can solve all of your marketing and…


Email tricks to stand out better

Our mind doesn’t like to be stressed about anything; may it be while using websites, phones, while shopping, doing daily work, using any kind of product or service. Thus, in…


Reduce the risk of Email Blacklisting

Did you even for a moment assume that your emails just drifted straight away from your mailbox to your recipient’s without so much as a hitch? The reality is far…

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