The Art of Discounts : Part II

If you’re like a lot of small businesses, email marketing will play an important role in your promotion plan for arranging different kinds of ‘SALES’. With email marketing, you can create a series of timely messages to announce your Sale, remind people about important dates and occasions, and thank people for shopping, along with additional offers for your loyal customers.

You can also connect with potential customers across their different devices, and reach them in the place they are going every day — the inbox.

Continuing our previous blog, here we explore more types of discounts and their email tips, along with some of our favorite examples by brands across the world.

1. Make every day special:
Weekly, daily, even hourly offers run successfully, and are often used to drive traditional sales. These have now become more promising with the high open rates obtained by promotional emails, when the offer is presented aptly.

Snapdeal Email

Utilize the immediate delivery of emails to your advantage by sending day-wise offers that create the urgency and excitement of purchase among your customers. One more added thing you can do is, segment your customer database by referring to their purchase history and browsing patterns, and craft a set of personalized emails that focus on selling off certain product categories, along with offering your discounts too.

Myntra Email

2. Let the festivities galore:
Every year brings with it a sumptuous number of festivals all round the globe. As a marketer, you must try to turn every event into a sales opportunity to uplift your revenue. This needs planning your festivities calendar. Say you send out 3 emails per festival –
1st email – to introduce the sale event
2nd email – to showcase discounted products
3rd email – to announce the sale and redirect customers to the sales landing page (on the day of the sale)

Bluestone Festival Offer Email

Come up with creative names for the deals that you offer, which will help to strike a cord in the minds of your customers. Remember to keep the main focus of these emails on the deals.

3. Pose a Riddle:
Email marketers are always looking to get involved in the most innovative ways to retain customers, and attract new ones too. With their rising popularity in social media, quizzes have become a recurring motif on one of the largest platforms of lead generation. There are several important aspects to consider while drafting these emails – picking the right topic, creating an alluring subject line, question crafting, and designing to create an attractive output.

Trip Advisor Email Marketing

Quizzes are fun and interactive, and often the right method to popularize your discounts as they have multiple benefits like – driving subscribers to your sales funnel, generating new subscribers for your event, and gathering valuable information about your customers.

Your email marketing efforts can achieve new heights with all this creativity and clear approach to target your customers. Understand your customer behavior and draft your SALE emails with planning and innovation. Contact Juvlon to help create successful email campaigns for you.