SMS Marketing

As we step into 2018 the challenge for marketers is about juggling between multiple marketing channels and choosing the best out of them. SMS has been around for long and has evolved since its inception. It is the most popular medium amongst marketers. (read more…)

Email marketing for small business

Email marketing hasn’t faded since its inception. Over 205 billion emails are sent across every day. The reason behind it’s continued success is that email marketing has a hidden treasure of data, which can be interpreted to know about the interests of consumers. The response of the consumer can be used to further improve the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. As per 59% of B2B marketers, email is the most effective channel to generate revenue. (read more…)

Marketing for small businessess

The year 2017 has been a year with a lot of progress for many of Juvlon’s happy customers. We are thrilled to see how many small businesses have climbed the ladder of growth steadily through Email and SMS marketing. (read more…)


Promotions have been the driving force for industries like e-commerce, tourism, real estate, etc. There have been many digital marketing channels that work. But email stands out as a clear winner for customer acquisition and engagement, and for its affordability for small businesses. (read more…)

creative subject lines

Content is a bait that attracts attention of the customer towards offers, products and services. It has to be something that interests the audience. Content is the vital ingredient in emails that you send to customers with a certain goal in mind. It has the power to attract or repeal the audience. Once you connect with the audience the association with the audience becomes stronger and improves click throughs. (read more…)