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Brands cannot afford to lose touch with their customers. But, they shouldn’t even feel too wooed and chased. While they should certainly feel connected and see a part of themselves, their identity in the brand. Something about the brand should be special for them to not opt for competitor’s brands. It’s tough to establish this fine balance. (read more…)


Email marketing is about observing and delving into customer responses to further customize your emails, according to the expectations of the customers. Email automation extends this benefit to marketers thus, is getting popular. Research proves that 74% of online consumers are totally dissatisfied and frustrated by irrelevant messages that aren’t of any interest to them. This usually happens because of unsegmented email lists. (read more…)


“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” – Seth Godin.

Can you give me two reasons why should a subscriber open your email, when you know that his or her inbox is an open battlefield for marketers to grab attention? If you cannot find a reason, then you have the answer as to why there are inactive subscribers on your email list? These reasons will guide you when you start thinking about reactivating these subscribers. (read more…)


Are you looking for an easier way to manage email marketing? Consider using automation. Companies using marketing automation see 53% higher conversion rates and annual revenue growth of 3.1% higher than non-users, according to a report from Aberdeen Group. (read more…)


Emails are an inseparable part of marketing and communications. Right from sending out offers and deals to informing your customers about your new products, Emails hit the right keys when it comes to getting the right message across and they have developed over the time in design, communication and messaging strategy since its inception. (read more…)