Process of sending FMP Rollover Mailers

Campaign: The process of sending FMP Rollover Mailers for a Financial Organization

What is FMP? Fixed Maturity Plans, more popularly known by their acronym “FMP” are debt funds, that invest in Government securities and company debt. That means that fixed maturity plans, typically have no equity component, unless you invest in a FMP that chooses to have a limited equity component.

What exactly does the rollover of FMPs mean for the investor? Rollover of an FMP is simply the extension of the maturity period of the FMP to take its holding period beyond three years. For example, if you had invested in a one-year FMP maturing on 1 August 2014, the mutual fund now gives you an option to extend the maturity date to 1 August 2016 so that you are not taxed at a higher tax slab compared with what you had originally planned. The rollover process is an opt-in process where the investor would need to specifically give a written consent to extend the date of maturity before the cut-off date is communicated. When the investor opts in for the rollover, all his funds would be locked in for the entire duration of the rollover period.

The Challenge:
In order to get information on the scheme that the investor had opted for, a mail needs to be sent to investors to update valid information.
A mailer and database entry document had to be created and sent to the investors for their scheme in order to capture the total number of clicks. The mailer had to contain the following input fields which could be filled by the investor :

  • A unique Folio number
  • Investor Name
  • Broker ARN, and
  • Broker Code

The database contained transactional data along with the list of all duplicate email ids. The investor had to receive an immediate notification mail on failure of data uploading.
An auto-mail had to be sent to the client twice; once right after three days of the mailer being sent and secondly on the date of maturity. The auto mail contained information of all the captured and transactional data.

Creation of a mailer front:

1. The mailer was pre created. However, the following information was changed/modified:
Scheme Name
Date of Maturity
Rollover Period for every individual scheme/sending.

2. All the mailers were uploaded in a separate Campaign known as “FMP Rollover”

Creation of a Database Front:

1. Three different database files were created at the back end for every single sending.
– Normal , NSDL, and CDSL
2. Because of the existence of an unique folio number, all duplicate e-mail ids were uploaded too.
3. Auto mails with three different files was triggered for the captured data : after three days of sending and on the date of maturity. There were no duplicated entries in these auto mails.
4. A Thank You mailer was sent to the client immediately on acceptance of the terms and conditions and submission of the data.

Creation of a reporting front:

1. Because of duplication of email ids, Opens and Clicks was captured on the basis of the folio number.

Benefits of a FMP Rollover Mailer:
Juvlon developed this process of sending automatic FMP Rollover emails. The automation helped the client in sending important transactional mails. It enabled them manage the database and generate leads through this automation. With each lead having the capacity to generate lakhs in revenue, this automation resulted in substantial profit generation for the organization.



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