Juvlon SMS Marketing Features

Juvlon’s robust marketing solutions include a new dimension. Using Juvlon’s constantly evolving software, you can use mobile marketing and much more to grow users, send messages and also keep track of your performance reports. Use this permission-based software to plan well in advance and send messages within a few clicks. All this is easy, affordable and reliable, giving you maximum reach to deliver high-quality, highly targeted campaigns to customers in minimum time. Juvlon also provides expertise from leading industry professionals for assistance at every stage of the campaign integration.


Personalization in SMS. Here, each subscriber receives a customized SMS. For e.g., you can send a link to landing page or publish customers’ name to the SMS.


Automatic URL shortening.

Schedule the messages on the basis of time and date. For e.g. sale offers, festival greetings, and discount coupons.


Easy-to-use tools to create, preview and send a message.


  • Click tracking of personalised links used in SMS
  • Delivery status
  • Up-to-the minute campaign effectiveness reports
  • Easy-to-use tools to create, preview and send a message
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