Data Update Campaign for Shoppers Stop

An Indian retail giant, communicates with their customers through email and SMS marketing powered by Juvlon, Niche’s email marketing offering. Juvlon has been handling their promotional activities since last 5 years. Juvlon follows a two-pronged strategy for this retail giant:
1. Promotional mails.
2. E statement – Points gained by their privileged consumers are sent to them via email on a monthly basis as a part of their loyalty program.

These privileged customers were signed up for loyalty program.

The Challenge
During the period of October 2013 – January 2014, this retail company saw a continuous decline in their data upload count & an increase in the number of customer complaints. The complaints largely pertained to incorrect display of customers’ personal details displayed in the mail.

Emails sent to their customers typically contain the following details –
1. Name
2. Shopping points accumulated by the customer
3. Address
4. Privileged Consumer Card Number
5. Card Validity date
6. Card expiry date

The MIS team at this retail company carried out extensive data correction activities. However, despite these efforts, customer complaints continued to increase.

A Data Update Campaign was collectively devised by Niche and this retail giant. This campaign was structured as a variant of the drip marketing strategy, through which correct customer data would be collected and stored, replacing the erroneous data, over a period of time.

The Activity
Data update was carried out through a set of 2 creative campaigns:

Increased Data Collection in Welcome Mailers

A Welcome mailer is an ongoing promotional mailing campaign, which used to contain only a basic, creative, welcome note to a customer who enrolled for the loyalty program. This Welcome mailer was modified to display the mobile numbers of customer, and invite the customer to correct them if they were found to be erroneous.

Old Welcome Email Campaign

Old Welcome Email

Interactive Data Collection through E-statements
E-statements are the mailers sent to these privileged customers, appraising them about the reward points they have collected through the course of the previous period. These statements were the one that had garnered the largest number of complaints. Under the Data update campaign, these mailers were modified to include the personal details of the customers and invite them to correct the details if found erroneous, or confirm if the details were correct.

Proactive Data Collection from Customers Who Registered Complaints
A creative was designed and sent to a base of 3 lakh plus customers, inviting them to update their data. These were the customers who had either registered complaints for incorrect details, or whose accounts the retail organization felt contained incorrect data.


Welcome Campaign
The welcome campaign was upgraded from being just a formal greeting for the newly introduced privileged customers, to an opportunity to obtain correct data from the customers, right from the beginning of their relationship with this is retail giant. To this end, changes were made in the welcome campaign email. The previous email used to consist of only a simple text along with a creative image. The new emailer was designed to both welcome the new customers and also encourage them to enter their personal data and verify if the data stored was error-free. Including the customer details on the mail helped achieve this purpose. If the data displayed on the mail was correct, the customer could just verify and confirm them through a button provided. If it was wrong, the client had the option to modify it, which most people would utilize.

Two buttons were included in the Welcome E-mailer:

1. Confirm and Authenticate – Customer clicks on this when all details present are correct.
2. Update details – Clicking on this page takes the customer to a landing page hosted by Niche where in the customer can fill / update their mobile number.

New Welcome Email Campaign

New Welcome Email

Landing Page after confirmation

Landing Page after confirmation

Landing Page to update data

Landing Page to update data

The E-statement email was modified to include mobile number as well as other personal details like name, address etc. along with the reward points details.

Here again, two new buttons were introduced –

1. Click to update mobile number.

2. Click to update information – This button when clicked would direct customer to a landing page hosted by Niche, which would display a form wherein customer could update all their details.

Both these e-mailers also carried the Confirm and Authenticate button, through which the customer could verify and confirm his details.

The three pronged drip marketing type approach adopted by Niche and this retail giant resulted in a huge positive response from the customers. The company, through the email campaigns powered by Niche’s Juvlon, was able to achieve the desired result, i.e., obtain correct and error free data from all its customers.

The Drip Marketing Variant Approach adopted by Niche resulted in the following advantages –
1. Since the data was updated by the clients themselves, the possibilities of error were minimized to a great extent.
2. Since the emails sent out to the customers now contained more information, the customers were able to verify and rectify their data immediately, thus bringing down complaints to a great extent.

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