Case Study: Email open rate

Dealing with ways to increase the ‘e-mail open rate’

An email open rate is a measure primarily used by marketers as an indication of how many people “view” or “open” the commercial e-mail that they send out. It is most commonly expressed as a percentage which is calculated by dividing the number of email messages opened by the total number of email messages sent.
It is very important for the marketers to know that their mailers have been opened and read by their target audience, for which they constantly keep a lookout for an increase in their open rates.

A financial institute faced the problem of a decrease in their email open rates. They struggled hard to perceive why their emails were not being read. When changing the content of their mailers did not help, they realized that they could not apply the same, old techniques and strategies that they were using, because it had resulted in exponential decrease in their viewership and click through.

After their client relations team from Juvlon had thoroughly studied and understood the case, Juvlon team came up with new approaches which helped the financial institute in their business. The steps suggested by them were:
1. Using a short and crisp subject line
2. Segmenting the database
3. Using mobile optimized templates
4. Creating templates of the standard size, i.e. 600* 800 pixels.

Out of these 4 suggestions, the client immediately took the step of implementing the first two suggestions and asked their design team to work on the other suggestions. Let us understand the effectiveness of the first two approaches taken by them.

Using a short and crisp subject line:-
Open Rates of the mailer largely depends on the ‘Subject Line’ used. Because of very long subject lines, the readers generally ended up not opening the mailers.
On suggestion of using short and to the point subject lines, the institute saw some progress in their readership. Short and interesting subject lines compelled the readers to open their mailers.

Data Segmentation
This financial institute was using the same database over and over again, with a few modifications here and there. To increase the Open Rate it was very important to understand and concentrate more on the target audience.
Therefore, Juvlon team suggested them to split the database in two parts:
1. Active base – Customers who had opened their mailers at least once in six months.
2. Inactive base – Customers who didn’t open their mailer even once in the last six months.
The financial institute was then asked to upload the database in the two lists shared by the client relations team which helped them in getting two separate reports covering the two customer bases. This approach helped the institute in achieving increasing open rates.

These two approaches showed significant increase in the open and click-through rate, which resulted in the betterment of their campaigns.
ROI on this campaign became a hit.
The result in Open Rates was quite visible.
The table below shows the increase in Open Rates and Unique Open Rate. The suggestions were implemented in Jan, 2014.


The trend for Open Rate

The trend for Unique Open Rate. This result was quite surprising as they saw a drastic increase in the Unique Open Rate.