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Process Of Sending FMP Rollover-mailers

At Juvlon, we strive to find marketing solutions for businesses big and small. So, when a mutual funds company approached us with a communications challenge that it faced, we were up for the challenge.

With our help, the mutual funds company can now contact specific investors with ease, all while increasing revenue.

Here’s how we helped the company:

The challenge
A mutual funds company needed to reach out to specific investors at specific times.
The company wanted to contact investors to encourage them to rollover an investment known as a FMP, or fixed maturity plans. This investment, which is usually tied to government securities and company debt, has a set maturity period. Once that time period is up, the investor has the option to reinvest for another set period time.

There is a small window of time where investors can reinvest and increase the maturity time frame. For example, if an investor has a one-year FMP that was purchased on January 1, 2015, the investor can reinvest on January 1, 2016 else Mutual Funds company transfers the funds back to investor’s account. The investor has to opt-in to make the rollover happen.

When it was time to reinvest, the mutual funds company turned to a call center to reach out to investors to encourage them to roll their investment over. The call center not only contacted clients, but also collected the necessary information for an investor to extend the maturity date. It became a time consuming and expensive endeavor for the company.

The solution
Juvlon worked with the company to create a better solution. Rather than using a call center, Juvlon helped the company set up automatic emails that are triggered when an investor reaches the rollover window.

An investor receives an email reminder three days before the maturity date expires, and one on the day it expires. The system automatically triggers a thank you email when a client accepts the terms and conditions. Here’s the snap-shot of the email.

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Of course, if the investor chooses to rollover the funds, all his or her sensitive information like account numbers, IDs and broker codes needs to be forwarded to Mutual Funds company. Juvlon created a secure system to transfer all this information along with a rollover request.


In addition, Juvlon set up a special analytics dashboard so the company could track the records of who all opted for rollover.


The benefits to the client
With this new process, the mutual funds company was able to do away with the call center, saving them thousands of dollars each month.

Considering the emails are automatic and triggered by date, it’s a seamless workflow. The automation guarantees that no investor gets missed and no additional staff is needed to manually create, schedule and send emails.

The ease of use and cost savings from no longer using a call center are great benefits, but there’s more. Since the trigger emails reach the right customers at the right time, the company increased leads and its revenue.

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