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Hello Readers,Team Juvlon Wishes Everyone Happy Independence Day!

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3 Least Used But Best Ways To Measure Email Marketing Success
Geetanjali Dighe, Digital Marketing Consultant and a Writer, shares tips and best ways to measure email marketing success. Different digital channels have differing features and advantages. Email is superb at building long term relationships. If you truly want to check how well your Email Marketing is doing over a longer period then, click here to read this blog.

Benefits of Triggered Emails – Everything you need to know
Lisa Furgison, a freelance journalist and co-owner of a media company,McEwen’s Media, recently delivered a webinar on the topic: Benefits of Triggered Email. Lisa has collated some important webinar take-a-ways in this blog. Click here to get a quick webinar review.

On-Demand Webinar: Benefits of Triggered Emails
Triggered emails can make a huge difference for any marketer, for the better, or for worse. But – a badly planned campaign can send a customer away for good! We had presented a webinar to understand the benefits of triggered emails. Click here to watch the webinar on-demand.

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