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3 Easy Ways For Graduating to Triggered Emails
Triggered Email Marketing is the next step in building a meaningful communication with your audience. In this blog we share some ways you can graduate from simple email messaging to triggered campaigns without the need of heavy-duty integration.

Feature How-to: Use Subscription Triggers
Send Welcome Emails, Birthday Wishes and Anniversary Greetings using Juvlon. Check these how-to steps to schedule Subscription Triggers in Juvlon.

Webinar: Benefits of Triggered Emails
Have you ever wondered what you can do with triggered emails? Well, wonder no more. We’re going to explain what triggered emails are, explore the benefits of these handy emails, and look at several examples in our upcoming webinar. This exciting event, which is hosted by Juvlon, features guest speaker and email marketing specialist, Lisa Furgison, who will offer valuable tips and tricks that you can use to set up triggered emails. Register for this live webinar!

Make Email Marketing go the Social Way
While some professionals are writing off email marketing as an almost ‘dead’ method, we at Juvlon, beg to differ. We won’t deny the surge in the use of social media. What we advocate is the smooth integration of email marketing campaigns with social media. Read our blog as we share 7 Ways to Integrate Social Media with Email Marketing very seriously.