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Issue: September, 2014
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Webinar Sept 24: Creating Winning Content for Mobile Emails
Guest Speaker Sonali Brahma, Brand and Digital Strategist, will help us learn how to create effective email content, dos and don’ts of Mobile Emails and tips for creating effective content for Mobile Emails. Book your seat now!

Why ‘Content is King’ for Email Marketing?
Content creation can be a problem area for many marketers. But, for others, it can ring bells of victory! The power of words is known to all but it often gets sidelined. Not everybody can taste success with their email content strategies. With tech-savvy customers gaining ground, it’s even more important to reach out with relevant content that grabs attention and gets the desired result. Here’s a quick guide to create engaging email content.

Four Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Will Fail Without Permission
Geetanjali Dighe, Digital Marketing Specialist, explains why should you have an opt-in data list for your Email Marketing. Click here to read 4 reasons she has shared why your Email Marketing will fail without permission based list.

6 Keys to an Effective Promotional Email
Promotional emails can attract new customers, retain loyal customers, and rack up sales. Lisa Furgison, shares tips to create effective promotional emails. Read her blog as she shares some very interesting examples.