What is Thawte? | Juvlon

What is Thawte?

What is this?

This is a certificate of trust. This means that www.juvlon.com has been certified by the Thawte Consulting and the digital certificate can by clicking on the image.

What does that mean?

Unlike in real life when you transact with real people, transactions online can be risky.

To help establish trust, and to verify that the website is indeed who it claims to be, certain autorities give digital certificates. A digital certificate is as important to the online world as a passport is important in the real world. A certificate authority, like Thawte, is a trusted source and issues certificates by verifying certain things such as the ownership of the domain name, as well as verifying the business.

When you check the certificate, you know that you are dealing with the trusted website and that the online transactions on this website are safe.