“Email Marketing through Juvlon helps me communicate benefits of Mind Maps to my readers. My email message stays in the inbox and many readers read it later at their preferred time.”

Dharmendra Rai

Mumbai’s First Mind Map Trainer

Dharmendra Rai

“Email Marketing through Juvlon helps me communicate benefits of Mind Maps to my readers. My email message stays in the inbox and many readers read it later at their preferred time. Clients reply to me directly and this builds a one-to-one dialog. Interested participants click the email and fill out registration forms, others forward it to their friends who may be interested in the seminar.This is really an invaluable tool for me to grow my business, and Juvlon team helps me send the emails, upload my database and send reports. The entire Juvlon team is very motivated and are also open to suggestions about my specific needs. I am now looking forward to getting more insight into emailmarketing strategy from Juvlon.”

Dhamendra Rai

Mumbai’s First Mind Map Trainer


“We have been using Juvlon for quite sometime and the amount of ease Juvlon has provided us with for email marketing has been tremendous. Email reports, analytics, template integration, changes and everything has been very simple with Juvlon. Support from Juvlon care also has been excellent at times when we needed them the most.
Overall Juvlon has saved time money and a lot of our effort for us. At brandhype as Digital Marketing Consultants we have to work on email campaigns every other day for clients and Juvlon has provided with a lot of power in executing email campaigns easily and effectively compared to other email marketing automation softwares.”

Ashish Gupta

Digital Marketing Manager


Anand Adawadkar

“Being in Real Estate and Recruitment business, we need to send out all sorts of transactional emails to all our users and clients. Juvlon email marketing software helps us sending out all these voluminous emails every time. We have been using Juvlon for our email marketing requirements. Juvlon’s client support team play a very important role in this function. The team helps in creating, scheduling and sending out all our transactional and promotional emails. Enthusiasm, friendliness, professionalism, and quality of work are Juvlon’s client servicing team’s best qualities. Juvlon’s attractive, easy to read and detailed reports help us keep track the performance of all our email campaigns that we have been sending out. The report that gives out the details about when the receiver opened the emails helps us define our email scheduling strategy. We wish them a great success in all their future Endeavors.”

Anand Adawadkar

General Manager HR/Operations

Comfort Realty Pvt Ltd

“Email marketing increased sales inquiries last month. We at GeTS Holidays use Juvlon Email Marketing for sending newsletters and mass mails to our global clients. At a highly reasonable rate Juvlon offers a lot more email options as compared to other high priced applications. Juvlon has really made an impression of its service quality and affordability on us and our associates.”

Marketing Department

GetsHolidays Pvt Ltd

“Email Marketing is the most effective & best way to promote our Loyalty program. Through Email Marketing , we communicate our program features, new product launches, month statements, offer catalogues.
We have been working with Juvlon past 3 Years & have been managing our account efficiently since then. They help in creating & executing all our promotional & transactional campaigns.

Juvlon helps us with monthly updates on our campaign performances, suggests improvements for increasing open rates & also in improving the data quality.”

Loyalty & Marketing

Reliance Retail Limited



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