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The Future Of Email Marketing – AI

Email marketing is considered as the most effective marketing channel and integrating it with AI would mean multiplying its success rate. Machine learning or AI can be used to automate and optimize many aspects of your email marketing program, such as content, send times and frequency, hence maximizing engagement and conversions. Read on to know more about how AI is changing email marketing.

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How To Ace Email Marketing With Content

Marketers say that around 122.5 billion emails are sent every hour! Surprised? Email is a great way to stay connected with your customers and it should form an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. By creating content aimed at educating buyers, you can start building a connection with your prospects and eventually turn them into qualified leads. Read on to know how you can ace your email marketing with content.

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Email and SMS Integration: A Marketing Benediction

Email Marketing or SMS marketing? Marketing is a collaborative effort and all marketing tools should be used cohesively. If both, emails and SMS, lead you to the customer through a common gateway, then why not integrate them? Businesses that embrace both SMS and email marketing techniques reap more rewards than those which rely solely on one or the other. Learn more about the benefits of email and SMS marketing.

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Email Marketing Facts

47% of digitally mature organizations, or those that use advanced digital practices, said that they have a defined AI strategy.

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