Anti Spam Policy | Juvlon

Anti Spam Policy

Juvlon is a permission-based Email and SMS marketing service. You can use your Juvlon account to send promotional and transactional messages to people that have given you their permission to contact them using their email ids and phone numbers.

  1. What is considered as permission:

    • E-mail addresses collected through an email newsletter subscription form on your website
    • Your customers & people who have given you their email address to receive information from you
    • Members of your organisaton
    • Customers who have previously purchased products/services from your business
  2. What we don’t consider as permission:

    • Lists of e-mail addresses that have been purchased or rented
    • Lists of e-mail addresses that have been copied or scraped off web pages
    • Any “third party” list whatsoever
  3. Any account that violates this Anti-Spam Policy (or tries to do so), will be terminated immediately.

  4. We love email. We love email marketing and we are fanatical about permission-based marketing. We would not want to receive irrelevant bulk emails in our inbox and believe that our clients and consumers shouldn’t get them either.