10 examples of ‘good-to-refer’ emails from 2015

I have collected 10 ‘good-to-refer’ emails I have been receiving in 2015. I am quoting the reason why I found them to be good. You can use these as reference while creating your email campaign for 2016.

1) Godrej Prana
I liked the content that says ‘Nothing can substitute the real experience’. The image with a video button itself says what can you expect on clicking. Click on the image and experience the real flat :)!


In this example TAT-AIA is advising the receivers to be aware of some fake calls. No call to action. A very straight forward and clear message using a clean template.


3) HubSpot
I liked the content in this mailer. Very politely they have suggested that they are putting me off the list just because I have not clicked on any of their mailers. At the same time they have also given me the reasons to sign-up again with them.


4) BrichBox
Here is an example of one the email automation programs – cart abandonment. A nice clear message enticing the receiver with an offer.


5) Health Total
Giving out tips to lose weight and not forcing the recipient to join their health program. Click on the image to enlarge.


6) Lemon Tree
I liked the way they are wishing their audience. The freshness in the color and the festive mood re-created. Click on the image to enlarge.


7) Juvlon Earmark
This is the weekly newsletter by Juvlon. The newsletter has 3 parts – 1) Hero of the newsletter 2) Sub-Hero 3) Others
Click on the image to enlarge.


8) Asstez Lumoz
I liked the clean format with the gif image used in this mailer.


9) Tennis Showndown
The image and the content in the mailer is interesting. Click the image to watch what happens.


10) Sobha
I liked the clear layout suggesting the receivers to ‘CALL TO DISCOVER MORE DETAILS’.


I love to see all such interesting emails. There are hundreds of other examples of excellent email marketing. Share some of your favorite campaigns in the comments.


About the Author:
Smita More is a marketing professional and drives marketing activities for Juvlon – Email Marketing Software. Connect with Smita on LinkedIn.

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