10 Tips to Wow Your Email Subscribers

10 Tips to Wow Your Email Subscribers  

Consumers want email. Research shows 72% of consumers prefer email to any other communication channel. But, just because consumers prefer it, doesn’t mean they’ll open your emails or click on the links inside. To get that reaction, you have to wow subscribers.

To help brands bring-the-wow, here are ten tips to keep subscribers active, interested, and buying:

1. Welcome new subscribers
When a new subscriber joins your list, send him or her a welcome email. It’s the first email communication you’ll have with a new contact so make it count. The email should include a warm greeting, highlight the benefits of your email list, and include a coupon or incentive to make an initial purchase.
Here’s an email that does exactly that:

Welcome Email Example

2. Create a regular newsletter
Keep customers informed by creating a newsletter that provides links to great articles, updates about your business or industry, and information about upcoming events and sales.

3. Send VIP emails to loyal customers
Pay special attention to your most loyal customers, they represent a lot of buying power. Research shows existing customers are 60-70% likely to buy from you, compared to just 5-20% of new customers.

Segment your email list by buying behavior, putting your most loyal customers into a segment. Send this group regular emails that offer VIP access to sales, exclusive offers, or the ability to get a product before the rest of your customer base.

4. Offer free shipping
If you sell products online, consider offering free shipping. Nine out 10 consumers say free shipping is their number one incentive to buy online. If you can’t offer free shipping year-round, offer it during special holidays or to certain segments of your audience.

Be sure to advertise your free shipping offers via email. When you run the promotion, be sure to include product suggestions and a call to action that leads subscribers to make a purchase.

5. Extend a great deal by one day
Whether you’re offering 25% off, free shipping, or a reduced price to an online class, consider extending a can’t-miss offer by one day. Send an email to everyone that opened your previous emails about the deal, but didn’t act.
Here’s a great example from a canvas printing company:

Canvas Printing Company- Extended Deal Example

6. Remind subscribers about events
Sending one email about a sale or an event isn’t enough. Your customers are busy, so make sure you send one or two follow-up emails to make sure the event is on the subscriber’s radar.

7. Send emails according to time zones
Be mindful of your subscribers’ time zones. Segment your list by location and send emails when it makes sense for that particular region.

8. Say thank you
Make sure your customers know how much they mean to your brand by sending thank you emails. When a subscriber makes a purchase, signs up for an email list, or downloads your whitepaper – say thanks via email.

9. Host a giveaway
Your email marketing strategy shouldn’t be to sell, sell, sell. Spice things up by giving your subscribers a chance to win something cool in a giveaway. Use email to invite subscribers, explain the rules, remind them to sign up before the deadline, and announce winners.

10. Ask for feedback
Aren’t sure what kind of emails your subscribers want? Create and send a survey to customers to collect their feedback and adjust your emails accordingly.

With theses ten tips, you’ll wow your subscribers. Email is a great communication tool, but you have to send a variety of emails to keep subscribers engaged and happy. These tips can help you achieve that goal.

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