20 Point Email Checklist (Infographics)

Only 8% of companies and agencies have an email marketing team. Email marketing responsibilities usually fall on one person as a part of her wider range of marketing responsibilities. (Mark the Marketer)
As the scope of email marketing grows, the benefits of having a dedicated email marketing expert should not be underrated. Juvlon has created a 20 point email checklist that will make email marketer’s life easy. Presenting these email checklist in the form of Infographics.

We cannot undo Email once sent. Follow this checklist by Juvlon before you hit send.


1. Set up a “from” address. Ideally it will look like this: Name@NameOfBusiness.com
2. Upload the list. The “to” address should be a person’s first and last name, not just an email.
3. Craft an engaging subject line that’s short, engaging and personal.
4. Include preheader text, which follows the subject line. Write something simple.
5. Keep the body of your email short. Get to the point quickly.
6. Pick one or two colors for the entire email.
7. Select readable fonts like Times New Roman or Arial.
8. Add an image. Pictures can draw the reader in.
9. Include a call to action in the form of a button or hyperlink.
10. Include your social media channels.
11. Be sure to include an “unsubscribe” option at the bottom of the email.
12. Include your address and contact information at the bottom of the email.
13. Check email for errors. Read it twice to ensure there are no problems.
14. Check email for the correct tone.
15. Send a test email. It never hurts to send the email to your own inbox first.
16. Test links before sending.
17. Segment your list. Maximize your contact list by separating it into groups.
18. Measure your results. Use Google Analytics or other tools to check web traffic.
19. Experiment. Vary the time and day you send emails. Check results for success.
20. Clean your email list. Remove inactive contacts.


About the Author:
Smita More is a marketing professional and drives marketing activities for Juvlon – Email Marketing Software. Connect with Smita on LinkedIn.