3 steps to grow your business through Email

High season or not, I’m pretty sure you’d like more business to come your way. I’d like to show you 3 ways you can get more business through email marketing.

1. Get New Customers
This is and will always be a challenge for any business. Renting third-party lists is a legit and fruitful way to acquire new customers. There are several organizations who have their own nurtured lists of active subscribers and are willing to send your promotions on their lists. These lists are called third-party lists. Sending your email newsletter/promotion to such lists is called renting third-party lists. It usually comes at a cost of per email sent. We at Juvlon offer this service that connects you to legitimate third-party list rentals.

You need to make sure you choose a relevant third-party list (as targeted as possible) and create interesting content, so that subscribers of the list click on your email and provide you with their contact information. With a third-party list you get a base of potential customers who you advertise upon. You don’t get contact details of the third-party subscribers just because they view your email. You need to make sure your content is compelling enough for them to call you or ask you to call them. For tips on maximizing your return on third-party lists, read my blog on third-party lists.

2. Get Customer Preferences
Once your customers have bought your product/service, its the best time to make that most important feedback call and get their preferences. This will give you valuable insight for their next purchase.

From here on, use email marketing to nurture their preferences. Have your content ready to nurture customers who could be cross-sold or up-sold other more valuable products/services in your inventory. Not just with existing customers, make sure you get preferences from walk-ins or call-ins and use email marketing to help make their mind.

For those customers who have no preferences specified, send a general email with multiple options options or products/services and watch what they click. Any email marketing software, including Juvlon, will give you click-through analysis of your emails. Their click-throughs will automatically give your their preferences.

You will see high email click-throughs for content that is targeted to your customers’ preferences. There will be several customers who will repeatedly click on similar content, for example, the same holiday destination or similar type of events. Close the deal with an email for a phone appointment or a meeting to finalize their plans.

3. Send Triggered Emails
Once a customer clicks on a holiday destination in your email, make sure you have the follow-up content ready. The content should out to that individual customer immediately as a follow-up email. This is called a triggered email. Triggered emails have high response rates and provide you with customers that are highly mature in your sales pipeline. Juvlon provides the facility of triggered emails on clicks.

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