3 things to make Email Marketing work for you

Email Marketing not working for you?
Have you been sending the standard email format month on month to all your audience? How can you keep their interest levels up? What should you do when your readers never open, read or respond to your email? Here are a few thoughts.

Define who you term as a non-responder. Are they not opening your email, are they not clicking on the email? Over what period of time? Is a 12-18 months is the appropriate window of time to measure this? Perhaps if you track when you received permissions, that would be a better way to judge, is it not?

There are a lot of reasons why people don’t respond to email but non-responder may not necessarily be a non-buyer. Perhaps some people choose to not engage through email. The non responders to have an impact on deliverability, though. If a large percentage of your email audience does not engage with you at all, over a long period of time, then overall the ISPs may start filtering your messages as junk. You may have noticed that the daily deals, or news emails that you don’t open anymore start landing in your junk folder.

A re-engagement strategy will be a good idea to get your audience to respond. You could send a very targeted, benefit based email, only for your non-responders. You could run a campaign to get replies to the emails, asking, for example to complete a sentence, or announce that first few replies will get an additional discount, or some such campaign that gets your non-engaged audience to respond.Email Marketing not working?

Everyone loves to receive birthday or anniversary wishes. Do you remember the last time a brand or a company sent you a birthday greeting? Perhaps you domaking-email-workingn’t because no one has done that, and if you do remember, thats a great way for you to have a mind share, is it not? However if your database does not have the information about your audience then you can still send greetings for the various festivals in India.

We suggest you make a Greeting calendar. It is a great idea to create a separate campaign for Greetings altogether. That way you will be able to compare your open and click rates with your other emails easily. Call us. We can set this up for you.

The best way to break the monotony of your emails is by sending targeted content. Start by segmenting your audience. Demographics is a simple way of targeting messages but but purchases, account creation, downloads, webinar or conference registration, abandoned cart, video views etc are also some of the great opportunities to set up specific targeted email messages.

For example if you can segment your audience on their past purchase, you can send them a feedback email asking them for a review of the purchase process, or their opinion on the white paper or if the webinar was helpful. Segmenting your engaged audience and engaging with them is a great way to improve your current email marketing program.

These are just a few examples of how you can improve your current email marketing program. So what is your biggest challenge? We would like to hear!