5 Best Practices for Planning and Executing an Email Marketing Campaign –Article review

Email marketing is the flavour of the season and every company, small or large, is beginning to appreciate the importance of setting up a customized email marketing campaign. CMS wire recently came out with an illuminating article (How to Plan an Email Marketing Launch by Pierre DeBois @ZimanaAnalytics) on five dynamic best practices for planning and executing an email marketing campaign. Juvlon offers a host of services which are in sync with each and every email marketing best practice mentioned in the aforementioned article. These stellar strategies as per CMS wire are-

1. Developing email content for mobile platforms: The article touts the importance of developing email marketing campaign keeping in mind that majority of target customers are accessing their email via their mobile phones. Content optimization for mobile devices can increase visibility of the important parts of the message. A Juvlon webinar on ‘Email on mobile – Are you there yet?’ lists a set of design approaches which can make an email marketing campaign mobile-compatible. The webinar compares responsive design (fit for desktop viewing) with mobile only design; simplifying the process of making your email marketing campaign perfect for mobile viewing.

2. Personalized email content: The second and most touted email marketing strategy mentioned in the article is developing personalized content to further develop customer loyalty. Furthermore, building an email campaign which is based on permission can dramatically improve the click-through and open ratio of every single email. With permission based email marketing, customers are more open to receiving relevant information via email. An informative blog post by Juvlon on ‘Four reasons why your Email marketing will fail without permission’ adds on to the importance of developing email content which is at a lower risk of being sent to junk or being marked as spam.

3. Creating engaging subject lines: Engaging customers with the intent of the email right from the subject line itself is definitely an old trick. But many marketers still fail to write subject lines which can capture customer interest. By making the subject lines audience specific and with an inherent sense of urgency, the open rate can improve dramatically. The art of developing an apt subject line to motivate readers to open and read the rest of the email message is the point of contention in this Juvlon blog entry on ‘5 steps to create killer subject lines’.

4. Timing of email marketing: The article then rightly emphasizes on the timing of an email campaign. By segmenting and targeting the market rightly, marketers can rightly identify the perfect timing when their customers are most likely to read an email message. Juvlon has come out with two highly helpful webinars which can simplify the process of understanding customer behaviour and aligning email marketing campaign according to it. The webinar on ‘Benefits of Trigger Email’ gives detailed information about building email campaigns in conjunction with a customer action or an event. The webinar on ‘Email automation and make emails intelligent’ expounds on the importance of building a campaign which has automated content templates and timed delivery functions.

5. Email performance in context of site/app objectives: The last strategy mentioned in the article is often overlooked or misunderstood by email marketers. The effectiveness of an email marketing campaign can’t be monitored by metrics indicating open rates, delivery rates of click-through ratio alone. True impact of an email campaign can only be substantiated by analysing its performance in context of the goals or objectives set for the site or app. The Juvlon webinar on ‘Go beyond open and click rate’ further elaborates the measurement tools and techniques for email marketing performance.

Ultimately to create a rewarding email marketing campaign which can fulfil your marketing objectives, it is imperative to pay attention to details and develop simple content which is relevant to the customers.


About the Author:
Smita More is a marketing professional and drives marketing activities for Juvlon – Email Marketing Software. Connect with Smita on LinkedIn.