The 5 Components of a Can’t-Resist Promotional Email

Planning to send a hot deal to your customers? As you create your promotional email, make sure it has these five components that urge customers to act.

1. A revealing subject line
When you create a promotional email, you should reveal the deal in the subject line, or at least tease it. You should also create a sense of urgency. Aside from describing the deal, use words like “last chance” or “ending soon” so recipients will open the email immediately.

2. A deal that catches attention
If you plan to offer a deal, discount or coupon, it has to be worth a customer’s time. Of course, you have to watch profit margins, but if the deal isn’t impressive, customers won’t act. If you can offer a deal that’s above 10% off, you’ll attract more attention.

In the example below, the deal is 40% off. That’s a deal that customers will act on. You can tailor the deal to fit your business. You can offer a gift with purpose, admission to a webinar or a free consultation.

Whatever deal you offer, make sure it stands out. One look at the email above and you instantly see 40% off. When you’re creating a promotional email, make sure the deal is the focus of the text. To do so, make the percentage the largest text and put it in a different color to draw attention.

3. Create a clear call to action
If the sale is the first thing you want readers to spot, the call to action is the second. Make it incredibly easy for readers to take advantage of the deal you’re offering. In the example below, you can’t miss the orange “book now” button that encourages recipients to act.

4. Add an image
Would the email above be as appealing if the picture of the child wasn’t there? The email would be lifeless without the picture. Pictures and images not only captivate recipients, but they also provide a way for people to relate to your brand.

5. Use additional links
Make sure customers can interact with your brand by adding additional links to your emails. The travel example above has links at the top: Hotels, Cars, Deals and Country Etiquette. The social media icons at the bottom also provide additional ways for customers to learn about the business.

Bonus tip: Send the email at the right time
Wouldn’t it be great if your email could arrive in a customer’s inbox when they’re ready to shop? A new study reveals when emails have the highest purchase rate.

Emails that are sent on Wednesday have the highest purchase rate, followed by Tuesday and Monday. Sunday is an active day too, but you’ll want to stay away from Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Most people are out enjoying their weekend and aren’t checking their email as frequently.

What time should you send your email? According to the study, between 8am-1pm is the best time to cash in. Another profitable window is between 5-6pm while people are commuting home.

Try sending your email at the beginning of the week, preferably on Wednesday during the morning hours and see how it performs. You’ll want to watch your metrics to make sure this is the best time for your business.

What kinds of deals work best for your company? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


About the Author:
Lisa Furgison is a freelance journalist and co-owner of a media company, McEwen’s Media. Find her on Twitter @lfurgison.


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