5 Emails and Tools that Encourage Customers to Make Appointments

Does your business run on customer appointments? If so, email marketing can help you fill your calendar. Dentists, massage therapists, plumbers, cleaning companies – whatever the service, email marketing can boost your appointments.

How? We’re glad you asked. We’ve outlined a series of emails that you can send to encourage customers or clients to set up an appointment.

1. Welcome email with scheduling information
When a new contact is added to your list, a welcome email is a must. You should send the email right after the contact signs up to capitalize on their interest.

In your welcome email, create a warm greeting and explain the benefits of your email list. In addition, add a sentence or two that encourages the recipient to make an appointment. Provide contact information, or a link to an online scheduler to make setting up an appointment easy.

Here’s an example from a massage therapist below. Notice the friendly tone, brief introduction and scheduling information. It’s not pushy or overly ‘salesy,’ it’s a simple message that encourages people to act.


Consider automating your welcome email to make the process easy on you, all while getting customers information quickly.

2. Promotional email with scheduling link
Promotions motivate customers, so why not offer a promotion to customers that set up an appointment? Offer a discount on your service, a free consultation or offer to provide a free quote.

Here are a few email messages that you can tweak to fit your business:

Customers that make an appointment in the next 48 hours get 15% off
Need your driveway repaired? Call us to schedule a free quote
Is your computer running slow? Schedule an appointment with our tech team
Want a free consultation? Call now to reserve a time slot

Here’s an example from a plumbing company. It offers a promotion and includes a button that takes the customer to a scheduling platform to set up a date and time for service.


3. Thank you email that encourages the next appointment
Once a customer takes advantage of your service, be sure to send a thank you email. After thanking customers for their business, you can encourage them to set up their next appointment.

This email is great if your business caters to repeat customers. For example, customers need cleaning services and dental appointments on a regular basis; so setting up the next appointment makes sense.

Tools to help you schedule appointments
Your emails can encourage customers to call or email you to make an appointment, or you can go one step further by using scheduling software so customers can make their own appointment with a few clicks.

Here are several easy-to-use appointment tools:

4. Calendly
This tool works with your Google calendar to make appointment set-up a breeze. Customers have access to your calendar and can make an appointment based on the available time slots that they see. Customers can sync the appointment with their own calendars too.
Cost: Standard account is free, premium account is $10/month.

5. YouCanBook.Me
With this scheduling app you set up a calendar with specified time slots and let your customers reserve blocks of time. When time is reserved, you get an email alert.
Cost: Standard account is free, premium account is $16/month.

By using the tips above you’ll make scheduling a snap for both you and your customers. If you have additional tips to help small businesses utilize email marketing or apps to increase appointments, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.