5 things to avoid in E-mail marketing

E-mail is one of the strongest marketing tools to increase sales and generate awareness. With the boom in technology, e-mail marketing is every marketer’s favorite. E-mail marketing allows you to engage with the consumer on a one-to-one level, moving the conversation about business to a more personal environment – ‘the in-box.’
However, the biggest challenge that you will face in this horse’s challenge is to be lucky not to be thrown in the ‘Junk’ or worse, the ‘Spam’ folder by the consumer. Which is why, it is important for you to gain the trust of the subscribers; they should know that they can trust you and that you are not like the rest of the self-promoting spam bog.
Besides the contents of your e-mail, you will have to consider a few other things to be successful at e-mail marketing. Here are some important things that you should avoid being an e-mail marketer.

1. It matters ‘where’ you are from
Unfamiliarity always leads to suspicion. Consumers will always trust and open e-mails looking at who is sending the email. Therefore, it is important for you to keep your brand name in the front while sending e-mails.

2. Don’t use boring subject lines
Subject lines can make the consumer either open or ignore the email. Hence, it is important for you to make an interesting and eye-catching subject line for your e-mail. Consider the following while working on your subject line:

Communicate briefly what your e-mail is about; the benefits of opening the email
Explicit ‘Call to action’ should be communicated in the subject line
Highlight the headline of your article in the subject line

3. Avoid excessive usage of punctuations
Punctuations are everyone’s favorite. They add expression to the matter. However, too much can also end up spoiling your content. Other than being cautious of ‘What’ you write, you should also look at ‘How’ you write.
Don’t overdo ‘Capital Letters’

You might want to highlight a lot of things in your content, but it is important for you to filter the word priority list. Use capital letters only when required.

Don’t use too many symbols

Avoid using too many symbols like the dollar sign, summation or hash. Treat your content royally and give it an elegant look. You need not over-dress your content always.

4. Unsubscribe option should be easy
All e-mails are not completely read. They are briefly scanned. Whatever interests the consumer the most, will be stored in the inbox and the rest will be ignored.
A difficult unsubscribe process can annoy your consumer and take the step of throwing you in ‘Junk’ or ‘reporting as spam.’ Hence, it is important for you to allow your consumer an easy and smooth process for unsubscribing.

5. Never use an image as the e-mail
Generally, images are turned off in emails. Therefore…it is a big NO for all marketers to use an image as an e-mail. If you do that, be prepared of your email being ignored and trashed.

While reviewing your e-mail marketing program, you should definitely consider the points mentioned above for successful and effective email conversions.