Benefits of Triggered Emails – Everything you need to know

Just very recently I delivered a very interesting and interactive webinar “Benefits of Triggered Emails” organized by Juvlon Email Marketing.

Here is the quick synopsis of what I covered during the session.

Defining triggered emails
This handy tool, triggered emails, allows you to automate some of your emails. Once a name is added to a certain list, you can set your account up to automatically send a reply to the new contact.

For example, let’s say someone just signed up to receive your monthly newsletter. You can set up a triggered email to automatically send that person a welcome message.

You don’t have to log in to your account and individually send emails anymore. Now you can automate and schedule emails.

The benefits of triggered emails
How triggered emails can help your business.

  • Save time
    One of the biggest advantages for small businesses is the decreased time commitment. By automating some of your emails, you can save time by working ahead and scheduling emails to go out on your schedule. You’ll be surprised at just how much time this can save.

  • Improve buying odds
    If a customer has recently engaged with your business or brand, you have a limited window of time to capitalize on his or her interest. For example, if prospective customers receive a welcome email with a coupon in it right after signing up for your email list, you increase the odds of getting a purchase. In other words, a triggered email allows you to “strike while the iron is hot.”

  • Impress your customer
    Triggered emails can impress your customers. With a triggered welcome email, you show the potential customer that your business is on top of its game. Customers respond to brands that are efficient and work to earn their business.

    Examples of Triggered Emails
    How you can incorporate them into your business.

  • Welcome email
    We’ve mentioned the welcome email quite a bit, but that’s because it’s one of the most popular emails to automate. Here’s a look at a welcome email:

    Examples of Triggered Welcome Emails

    This email from J.CREW contains a nice welcome message and highlights some of the great things that the recipient will get out of the membership.

  • Confirmation email
    Another popular way to utilize triggered emails is to send confirmations to your customers. After a customer makes a purchase or signs up for a contest, you can trigger an email to hit their inbox to confirm the details. Here’s a look at a confirmation email:

    Examples of Triggered Confirmation Emails

    This email tells the customer that his or her order is on the way and offers helpful links to track the purchase.

    Of course, these are just a few examples. We go over many more examples, including how to use triggered emails to follow up with customers who clicked on certain links in your previous emails.

    Along with this, Smita More, Manager Marketing, from Juvlon Email Marketing team also demonstrated how you can use Juvlon to schedule these Triggered Emails.

    Click on the video below to watch this recorded webinar now.

    Lisa Furgison

    About the Author:
    Lisa Furgison is a freelance journalist and co-owner of a media company, McEwen’s Media. Find her on Twitter @lfurgison.


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