Best uses of welcome emails

Welcome emails typically gets three times the clicks and sales as a standard promotional email. Welcome emails are one of the first key steps to a long-term success with email marketing. They build trust, reduce opt-outs, and get sales upfront. Marketers cannot afford to lose on such a critical step in email marketing. Here is a solution to automate and personalize welcome emails.

Digital marketing mix brings in a lot of subscribers, prospects, followers and customers. So many people join us through different ways. We at Juvlon have developed an email automation program that helps in sending personalized welcome emails automatically as soon as someone joins you using any online form.

3 easy steps to send personalized welcome emails using Juvlon

1) Create a list within Juvlon – this folder will be assigned to collect all the leads that are generated using online form

2) Insert Juvlon API integration code on the landing pages or websites that has online forms

3) Set automatic Welcome emails within Juvlon

These 3 easy steps will help you send all these personalized welcome emails automatically and help you set the relation with your subscribers. Based on their further action, you can go ahead and set further triggered emails like click-triggers and event-triggers. Welcome emails can also be integrated with SMS within Juvlon.

I am sharing few use cases of setting personalized welcome emails

Use case #1
Retailers can trigger a welcome email that encourages a purchase. When
a new contact signs up for your list, that contact will automatically receive a welcome email. As part of that email, add a coupon or discount to entice the new contact to make a purchase.

Use case #2
A financial institution can trigger emails and SMS once the customer opens an account.

Use case #3
An event organizing company can send a welcome email based on the subscribers preferences.

Use case #4
An educational institute can send a welcome email and the information of the course based on the students’ enquiry and interest.

Use case #5
A welcome email from a health organization can include a health oriented tip as per the subscribers’ selection or a customer experience.

Use case #6
A sports industry welcome email can send the details about next upcoming event/match while sending the welcome email.

Tips for creating best welcome emails


1) Add company logo for branding
2) Try to keep the message simple and clear
3) Set the receivers’ expectations (frequency of regular mailers, what to expect in the next mailer)
4) Clear call to action
5) Use adequate images

Any more use cases you wish to share? Put them as comment below.


About the Author:
Smita More is a marketing professional and drives marketing activities for Juvlon – Email Marketing Software. Connect with Smita on LinkedIn.

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