Build Successful Email Campaigns In The Advanced World

It takes a savvy digital marketer to navigate the changes that have occurred in email marketing in recent years. While some critics claim that email is dead, statistics show a much different picture.

By 2019, 246 billion email accounts will be active, according to The Radicati Group. And it’s not just the older generation that’s relying on email. Despite the explosive growth of social media and apps, 74% of teenagers use email too, according to a report from Adestra.

Clearly, email isn’t dead – but it is evolving. To help marketers get the most out of their email marketing strategies, here are three tips to thrive in an advanced digital world:

Think mobile
More than half (56%) of all emails are now opened on a mobile device, according to Litmus. Brands have to ensure that every email sent looks great on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Most email service providers offer responsive design templates, which allow messages and designs to adapt to any device.

But, brands should also make changes to adapt to smaller screens, including these:

  • Keep text blocks short so it doesn’t appear overwhelming.
  • Use call to action buttons rather than hyperlinked text to make it easier for subscribers to click a link with a tap of a finger.

Here’s a great example of a mobile email:

Expedia Mobile Email Example

Focus on a clear design
Inboxes are crowded, which explains why the average subscriber only spends 15-20 seconds reading an email, according to MarketingSherpa. To make sure subscribers understand the point of your email, you have to focus on a clear design.

In just 20 seconds, a subscriber won’t likely read every word in your email. Instead, they’ll read what they’re drawn to. Make sure your emails have the following design elements:

  • A large, bold headline that explains the point of the email.
  • A great image that supports the purpose of the email.
  • A clear call to action button with 2-3 words inside that explains the action you want them to take.

Most email service providers, like Juvlon, offer pre-made templates that make this process a breeze. Be sure to keep the text short and simple to keep the template clutter free.

Here’s a great example of a well-designed email that has the elements listed above:

Well -Designed Email Example

Send promotions that matters
Subscribers love a good deal, but every brand is sending coupons, giveaways and hot deals. More than one hundred million adults redeemed mobile coupons between 2014 and 2016, according to eMarketer. To compete, your promotion must standout.

Rather than sending a coupon every week, consider sending fewer, larger coupons that compel subscribers to act.

If you offer a service, consider giving interested customers a free trial so there’s no risk to try your service.

If you sell products online, offer free shipping as a promotion. Nine out of ten shoppers say free shipping is their top incentive to buy, according to report from Walker Sands Future of Retail.

Here’s a great example of an email that focuses on free shipping:

Free Shipping Email Example

While other marketing channels like social media and SMS marketing have become popular in the last few years, they haven’t replaced email marketing. Instead, a wise marketer is pairing these new marketing trends with the more modern email marketing tips listed above. By making these changes, brands will continue to see increased engagement and conversions through email.