Cross Channel Marketing Emails

Email at the Heart of Cross Channel Marketing

From iPads to smartphones, the consumer experience has gone digital. Businesses that want to reach these consumers must follow suit, and market to customers through a variety of devices and platforms.

To do so successfully, many businesses have adopted a cross channel marketing strategy. Curious about this strategy? We’ll explain what cross channel marketing is, its benefits, and how email marketing is at the heart of this strategy.

What is cross channel marketing?
Cross channel marketing is a strategy that allows businesses to reach consumers with a cohesive message on any device, anytime, anywhere.

It sounds fairly simple. Set up a mobile website, send out a few tweets, pay for a few digital ads and you’re ready to go, right? That’s part of it. Cross channel marketing is about reaching consumers on different devices and various online platforms, but that’s not all.

It’s also about a cohesive message that’s carried through every one of those marketing efforts. An email, a tweet and digital ad should all offer the same message about your brand or product.

What are the benefits of cross channel marketing?
Businesses that use cross channel marketing understand that consumers want a seamless way to interact with their products. Businesses realize that a consumer might research their product on their smartphone, check reviews on social media with their tablet, and make a purchase in-store.

A cross channel marketing strategy allows businesses to give the consumer what they want: a variety of ways to check out their business online with any device.

Plus, no matter what device a customer uses, or where they come across your product, they receive the same unified message. The emails that you send, the posts that are on Facebook or Twitter and the content that’s on your website all work in unison.

What are the advantages of using email as the heart of cross channel marketing?

  • Email can sway online traffic

Email is like air traffic control at an airport. Just as air traffic control directs planes to various runways, email marketing can direct customers to your various digital channels.
Think about it. Email can encourage customers to learn more about a new product on your website, follow you on social media or redeem mobile coupons. It sends customers on different paths to engage with your business.

  • Email is an effective marketing tool

While a cross channel marketing effort does rely on a combination of marketing channels, email remains the best digital channel for return on investment, according to research from eConsultancy. Companies attribute at least 23% of their total sales to email marketing.

  • Email is simple to use

Email service providers like Juvlon make it easy to send emails to customers. With easy-to-use templates, automation features, testing abilities and advanced tracking capabilities through Google Analytics, businesses have a simple product to reach customers successfully.

  • Email offers integration features

If you’re using a reputable email service provider, you’ll be able to integrate your email marketing into your CRM, or with services like text message marketing to make your cross channel marketing strategy that much easier to utilize and track.

Pew Research shows 68% of adults own a smartphone, 45% own a tablet and 70% own a laptop or computer. Considering the growing dependency on technology, a cross channel marketing strategy, with email as its main component, is a smart investment for today’s businesses.

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