Email Brand Case Study : Urban Ladder

No matter even if companies may rely on applications to reach customers and generate business, they need emails and SMSes to be the initial touch point for the customers. Statistics reveal that 89% of marketers accept that email is their most important channel for lead generation. Email marketing gives an estimate of 4,300% ROI.

Whether it’s replying, clicking through, forwarding the email, signing up or buying, we are all habituated to respond to it in some fashion. Emails drive customers to your website and social media pages.

Online furniture store Urban Ladder Home Décor has intelligently used email campaigns to trigger a response from customers. Urban Ladder emails have never failed to awe us due to their innovative approach. So, today we share their story and insights about their email campaigns. Let’s probe into their unique email campaign specialties.

Urban Ladder’s target customer is the shopper who makes lifestyle product shopping at least twice a month.

1. Touching the pain points of customers:
Email campaigns are effective when you segment your email list according to demographics and send targeted emails. You can ask your customers to select the type of emails they want to receive like, discounts, latest offers, updates, or blog posts. Ask them to share their interests and curate content accordingly.

Thus, Urban Ladder sends emails based on customer needs and pain points. For example, you are just married and you are in a fix about how to buy furniture? Here is an email that gives a hue of furniture choices with which you can start your exciting new life.

2. Innovative email designs, content and subject line:
This one mailer from Urban Ladder was drop-dead interesting especially designed for book lovers. Each recommendation is based on a famous book and the subject line is, ‘Attn: Bookheads’. All the emails are image driven with a theme in mind thus, motivating the customers to further visit and explore the website. A book-lover wouldn’t just miss this subject and would be pleasantly surprised to see a parallel drawn between a book and furniture.

Bookheads email_UL

3. Educational emails:
Most of the emails educate customers about how products are customized to their needs. Customers are eager to know more about how your products can be useful to them, so share with them that piece of information to generate interest and trigger a response.

4. Appreciating the customer:
Urban Ladder has taken a step ahead to featuring customers who have innovatively used their products. The photos suggest how best their products can be used.
Customer reviews share necessary information with other customers, which helps them to make a buying decision. A study by Invesp reveals that 88% of customers trust online reviews. So, if you include them in your email you are bound to get a great response.

Image 6 appreciating the customer

In 2015, Urban Ladder’s business grew three times. In January 2016, it witnessed an unprecedented growth of 30% month-on-month, for which Urban Ladder gives credit to it’s marketing efforts largely for boosting customer engagement that encourages their participation in the brand.

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