Email is here to stay for long

Email is here to stay for long

In the world of digital marketing emails are a powerhouse and a lynchpin. They accelerate the rate of conversion and generate higher sales. There are many benefits of email that can lead a marketer to maximize returns from digital marketing.

Benefits of email are amplified when they develop a relationship with the customer with targeted and relevant content. Considering its contribution to the digital marketing strategy it’s rather tough to endorse the belief that ‘Email is dead’.

Let’s look at statistics that throw light on the contribution and popularity of emails:
251 email marketing software solutions exist in the market currently.
89% marketers for them primary channel for lead generation is email.

Will email marketing die soon?
With social marketing catching the fancy of marketers and customers using it extensively, people do believe that death of email marketing is close. They substantiate this belief by saying that customers are using social media instead of emails. Will social media ultimately replace emails?

Everything has its relevance in a particular period and then a new method or technology comes to the forefront and replaces the previous one. But, some things never lose their relevance for the value they add to our lives. When electronic mail replaced physical mail we all thought physical mails will perish. But, whenever you open the mail box you feel a sense of excitement to receive a letter addressed to you since it is personal and direct. Doesn’t it make you feel special? Email too is the same; it is personal and develops one-to-one relationship with your prospective and existing customers.

Example of Personalized Email

When automation is combined with focused and dynamic content it lets you send relevant message to your target audience. When personalized messages are sent marketers see an average of 20% increase in sales. Emails also offer a high ROI as compared to other mediums of direct marketing. So email is a sales opportunity and generates leads only if it is used effectively.

These are the unique benefits of email that make it a powerful contributor to the world of digital marketing:

Coupled with predictive marketing, email fetches new revenue:
Today, customers are getting used to predictive marketing. Digital marketing world is all about delivering customers what they want before they ask for it. Marketers approach customers with relevant messages after observing their online behaviour. With this method marketers can approach their customers with tailored and personalized messages that result in more clicks and conversion. With predictive marketing an email is created on the basis of a customer’s unique behaviour, thus fulfilling its purpose and taking you closer to your digital marketing goals.

Social platform buddies:
When you send an email you can connect your audiences to activities on Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. In an email you can ask your customers to join your company’s Facebook page or ask them to share the message over Facebook. Social networking sites are a powerful medium to reach existing audiences and catch the attention of new audiences through innovative content. When emails are combined with social media they are just the perfect digital marketing tool. Sending Facebook advertisement to email subscribers creates a customized Facebook audience.

Example of Facebook advertisement to email subscribers

More than you ask for:
Email marketing embeds in itself other tools of digital marketing. It gives a scope to effectively communicate relevant and personalized information to the target audience. Along with this it gives flexibility to embed images, links of articles, research findings, and Youtube videos. When a customer clicks on these embedded links he uses other digital marketing content and gets to know a bit more about your brand. This adds to the credibility and richness of the message. As an email encompasses a variety of options it is surely the most effective way to reach audience.

Embedded Links Email Example

Future of email in the digital marketing world:
Email marketing will evolve. The role of email in digital marketing is set to change. In the customer journey email marketing will connect various platforms. Customers expect a personalized experience from the brands they prefer, at every step of their buying process. So marketers should understand their customers and relate to them on one-to-one basis in their individual buying journey to influence it and achieve their business goals. In future email marketing will be the link connecting various channels that keep customers happy at each and every step.

Juvlon is here to carve your unique email strategy that befits your business goals. So connect with us and maximize returns from your digital marketing campaigns through the effective use of emails.

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