Benefits of Email Marketing in Ecommerce

Is Your Email Marketing Campaign Effective?
The world of email marketing is exciting for any e-commerce company as it’s the simplest way to reach customers at the right time in the most effective manner. But, most e-commerce companies send mailers to trigger a purchase. So how can our email marketing campaigns be unique so that the customer is compelled to buy?
Email marketing for e-commerce companies is more than just sending an email every week to trigger sales. Here is what email marketing can do for an e-commerce company.


Trigger a purchase:
Traditional bulk messages don’t result in as much sale as trigger mails. When a shoppers register for email service they expect a confirmation mail. Send a subscription mail and share the benefits they will get from such email service.
Example: Let us suppose a fashion house sends a welcome email to the subscriber, which has a link and when he clicks on it, he would see the landing page. At the same time he would receive the same information through an email. This serves an reiteration or a reminder email to the receiver.

Juvlon email marketing tool triggers a mail that goes to subscribers who sign up to receive your newsletter. Juvlon goes a step further; it helps you set up click events. This email will have a link, when a subscriber clicks on the link in the email it goes on the website and at the same time a subsequent mailer about your products and services is sent to the subscriber.

Cart Abandonment:
Customers while purchasing a product leave mid-way through the purchase process. This is referred to as cart abandonment. Many people who abandon a cart intend to buy, will do so within 24 hours after they leave. Sending them a reminder or an alert might help in completing the transaction. As an e-commerce company when you send an email to such customers it is most likely to trigger a sale.
Example: Mr. John – a subscriber of an online store business receives your promotional email and he proceeds by clicking on ‘Buy Now’ button. However due to some reason he doesn’t complete the transaction and exits from the landing page. At the same time, this online store receives an alert stating that Mr. John has exited before completing the transaction. And now this online store can plan their further call to action to follow-up and suggest Mr. John to complete the transaction.
You need a system where once a customer abandons the cart it should automatically trigger a mail. Juvlon makes all these things possible.

Personal Connect:
The future of customer experience in e-commerce lies in personalization. You have to deliver relevant information at the right time with personalized touch points. This boosts engagement and drives sale. You can observe how a customer behaves, his preferences, wants & needs. When a customer purchases a product you follow it up with a mailer that recommends similar products referring to his name to personalize it.
Example: Anna made an online purchase, she bought a jacket and as soon as she completed filling in the details and finished the payment she received a mailer from the e-commerce company. 
She was pretty delighted to receive this quick mailer which was much about what she was looking out for. The mailer suggested her to click on a link which took her to a variety of purses and books. She was pleasantly surprised to see them as they fit her choice and budget. She was informed at a time when she was thinking of buying a purse and some books.  
The e-commerce company had picked this information while she was filling in the details. They had asked her about what she would like to buy next and her budget along with her name, city, date of birth and things she loves to buy. Anna was thrilled to receive a birth-card from this e-commerce company offering the discount on her favorite brand.

Juvlon helps you send these personalized emails by using API integration and also sets the event based triggers.

Are there other e-commerce email marketing campaigns based on behavior that you would add to this list? What have you found to be successful or failures? Leave your questions, thoughts, and feedback in the comments below!