Email marketing is very important, because it’s a communication channel you own

I recently came across this interesting article ‘Proven Growth Hacking Strategies For B2B SAS: The Definitive Guide‘ by Alex Chaidaroglou @achaidaroglou published on @weekly_growth. In this article he gives an extensive break down of truly proven B2B growth hacking strategies. Alex explicitly mentions how email marketing helps in improving your sales. Here is the excerpt from this article

Alex says “Content marketing works in virtually every industry”. He suggests get started with case studies, whitepapers and blog posts. Once you have visitors on your blog, you can capture their email by offering a whitepaper, an ebook or something else of value and nurture them through email marketing.

You can go very sophisticated in email marketing and marketing automation, by sending specific emails to your subscribers based on their behavior and what they opted in for, or you can start very simple, by having a basic autoresponder.

This basic autoresponder will be sending 5 emails; the 3 first will contain valuable content and the 4th and 5th emails will be 50% valuable content and 50% promotion of your business.

Rinse and repeat from there. It’s email marketing 101.

For example, your 5th email can include a summary of your best case study and then a call to action to sign up.

You can go as simple or as sophisticated as you want in your email strategy. It’s a strategic decision based on your resources, goals and the stage you are at.

Email marketing is very important, because it’s a communication channel you own. Segement your email list at least in 2 mailing lists – 1 with their users (with at least 2 segmentations – free & paid) and 1 with their blog readers/subscribers.

You need different email marketing strategies for each group.

  • For the first group’s “free users” segment, you need an email strategy to get them to sign up for a paid plan. This might include sending them personalized tips, proactively and personally reaching out to them, webinars on how to get the most out of your product and more.
  • For the first group’s “paid user” segment, you need an email strategy to help them get the most out of your product, notify them of product updates, ask them about features they want and more.
  • For the second group (blog subscribers), you will need an email strategy to nurture those readers in order to become users of your product, notify them of your best blog posts and perhaps get them to leave a comment on your blog or share an article.

Different groups have different goals and needs, and thus need different email strategies…

Here is the workaround to both keep your users’ emails intact and email your content to those who are interested:

Step 1: Create a list in your email marketing platform called “Users & blog subscribers” (or something like that).

Step 2: Set up an automation to have the following included in your welcome email to new users:

“If you want to receive a monthly or weekly email with our best blog posts, click here”

And have a link to send them to a landing page to choose how often they want to receive your top blog posts.

Don’t forget to send a similar email to your current users asking them if they want to opt in.

Note: If you are using marketing automation tools, the landing page can be omitted and have them opt in directly from clicking the appropriate option in the email body.

Step 3: Send them the top blog posts as often as they chose to. You don’t have to worry, because if they decide they no longer want to receive those emails, they will opt out from that list, but they will remain in the list with your users for product updates and the like!

Note: You might want to double-check the landing page and options when someone clicks “unsubscribe”, so that they don’t unsubscribe from all lists.

Step 4: Send the blog posts digest from a different email (from than the marketing/product update emails (

I am sure all these tips and suggestions by Alex will help us chalk out a successfully email marketing campaigns. We at Team Juvlon will be more than happy to assist you with your email marketing campaigns. Check out all the email marketing services we provide and fill in the form to discuss this further.


About the Author:
Vikas Raina is Vice President Business Development at Niche Software Solutions. He has more than 10 years of exhaustive experience in Digital Marketing Industry.


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