Emails that won us over completely!

Throughout the last few posts, we have learnt about how creatively, emails can be crafted to entice the reader. Emails are highly personal form of communications and they need to maintain that personal touch through design and prose. Many brands out there are doing a great job at communicating their intended message in the most simple and classy way, some, even in plain text.

Here is a quick roundup of 6 great email examples from brands – both operating online and offline.

1. Uber’s Incentive-based Referral Program
84% of consumers reported always or sometimes taking action based on personal recommendations. Researchers have found a 10% increase in word-of-mouth (off and online) translated into a sales lifts between 0.2 – 1.5%. With such powerful statistics that support the effectiveness of referrals, it does not come as a surprise when Uber used emails to roll out their incentive based referral program. The attention grabbing subject line, is a clear win and leads the recipient straight in while the clear call to action and the ‘How Does it Work’ section packs a punch to the email.

Uber’s Referral Email Program

2. Introducing yourself to your customers
How many companies have you come across, whose C-Level leaders introduce themselves, personally on mail to all their stakeholders? Whether it is the controversy or purely their cause, Greenpeace definitely won this round where their new Executive Director took to Emails to introduce himself to all the donors. The easily flowing language supported with a candid video gives it a storytelling feel.

Introductory Email Example

3. A simple Email to Promote a blog/an idea
Organizations carry out email campaigns to promote a product, service, research and knowledge. As creative content garners higher engagement and re-engagement, promoting a blog or a case study is a vital part of brand building activity. Garin Klipatrik is social media influencer who is develops credible content and uses it for his personal branding. Now this mail is to the point, with no-nonsense information and a crisp call-to-action that directs users quickly to the intended message. The beauty of this is it’s originality, with no colors and designs to mess with the message.

Example of Promotion of a blog/an idea through Email

4. Intelligent messaging by Westside
Pun in the right amount is pure gold. Lifestyle brand, Westside struck the chord in the main caption of their otherwise ordinary email. Discount, seasonal offer is the usual purpose for an email. Standing out in the clutter is what will grab the customer’s attention and this is a smart way to do that.

Westside Email Marketing Example

5. Landmark uses the right color to incite the emotional centers
Investing in a good email template design is an important tip while creating an email. But what qualifies as good for a particular set of customers? How do you match their taste and choice and yet not appear too loud and salesy? Reds, yellows and greens tend to grab attention way more than other colors. Although it is usually used by restaurants, cafes and other food-related ventures, stationary store landmark has done a great job at using it in this email. And not to forget the sale details mentioned clear enough to grasp it in a single glance!

Landmark Marketing Example

You can also play with colors contrasting your topic, like Titan Store has done in the below example. They give us an eye-pleasing sight in their summer discount email, by using contrasting colors like blue.

Titan Store Email Marketing Example

6. Adequately focussed information by Godrej Properties
When we talk about real estate, the lesser the blabber the better. Customer needs just the few key information to decide whether to visit a particular property or no. This email by Godrej Properties, has all the key information like size of the property, location and starting price mentioned in the subject line, which kind of segments the customers when they receive it as per their affordability and need.

Godrej Properties Email Example

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