Ways to Ensure Qualified Email Leads

Guest post: Gain qualified leads through Email Marketing

You can have a high qualified and targeted email marketing campaign, but if you do not have the right number of people to send it to, you will never continue to gain the results you were getting before. Successful email marketing generally starts with having the right database of your customers. Given here are the five things you need to ask and look out in order to ensure that you have purchased quality leads with the right data.

1. Do not accept lists with web based email addresses:
If the vendor you have been dealing with shows you a database that has email addresses with domains like AOL, Gmail or yahoo.com you should then think carefully before giving them your business. Web-based domains generally indicate a personal email account, sending emails to personal email addresses can be ignored or worse, get marked as a spammer. Remember your email list here should only include personal email addresses being hosted on a company domain.

2. Set a high standard for your data quality:
Clear and quality leads are the end goal. But what comprises a quality lead and do organizations always have to sacrifice on the quality instead of quantity. Usable leads generally boil down to complete and accurate data, and considering from where ever the most lead come from reaching that standard can turn out to be a hefty challenge. Before dealing with the database you would here need to understand and know how the leads would make way into your systems, what portion of leads come from web forms with manually entered information, how many have come through events and so on.

Web Forms Example

3. Spending more time on measuring success:
Whether you are a sales representative or manager you, would here only need to rely on the data in order to manage and prioritize the data. You would here need to closely monitor the lead volume, conversion rate, lead stage SLA time to follow up, convert, logged activities and more. While dealing with the database, make sure you are answering these questions in mind. Who are my next big customer and the sectors I need to target? Which existing line of business do we grow? How is revenue the stream growing compared to the previous?

Measuring Data

4. Check how they outsource and clean the data that is sold to customers:
Have a talk with your potential list vendors and ask from where they are getting the database. Though they might not be willing to tell you where they exactly got it from, also try and see how they have been cleaning it and updating their records when they have become outdated.

5. Asking what their delivery rate is and how they hold it:
Most companies land up advertising their delivery rates as a way of enticing their customers. You should here not just take their word but ask them if everybody else apart from you continues to see the same delivery rate.

To conclude generating leads is easy but generating qualified leads is much harder than it seems to be. Smaller business organizations would here have to make the most out of their pound in order to be successful. For more tips and ways on how you could grow your business through email marketing, continue reading blogs by Juvlon.

Jain Dias- Ampliz Manager
About the Author:
Jain Dias is a manager from Ampliz who is focused on business solutions. He writes more about trends in Email marketing, and also helps entrepreneurs to manage their sales and marketing through Email verification services Ampliz.

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