Emails that worked for me in the Diwali overload

Is this how your inbox was during the “Happy Diwali Overload”?

Mine was! I lost track of how many companies sent me “Diwali offer” emails and how many good deals there were.

In the melee of the Diwali offers, I did manage to remember a few good emails.

My team was up (at times at 12 in the night taking calls from clients) on phones and server rooms to manage the surge in the email traffic. As an email marketer I was very happy to see the good jump in the email volumes this season.

So why the “Happy Diwali Overload” post?

Because in the melee of the Diwali offers, I did manage to remember a few good emails that worked for me.

Here are some that worked:

Disclaimer (They are our clients). One of the main reasons this email worked for me was, Direct Mail. I got a Direct mail, a nice letter from Shoppers Stop about the Choose Your Own Gift scheme and the Email came around the same time.  This did help me remember the offer.

The subject line “Geetanjali Dighe, it’s time to Choose Your Own Gift” caught my attention. I believe it’s the use of my own name in the subject line helped.  Plus the fact that First Citizen sends me my point statement means I know this email is usually relevant for me.

I liked the use of an animated GIF image in this email as well.

Key Point: Direct Mail helped me remember this email.

Another email that made a few of us in the office forward and discuss it (we don’t lead very enviable lives now do we?) is this:

It did not have heavy images, nor any personalization, nor much content. It came from a business associate.  It was not very special either. But the click through went to a page that had heart warming message in flash. Yes flash.  Sparklers, sounds of crackers and all that jazz, but nicely done.

Key Point:  Just goes to show that simplicity and genuine thought goes  a long way.

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