Good Subject Line – 7 Steps Away!

So, you have designed a great email marketing campaign. If you are now thinking of a good Subject Line to get your readers to open it, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. What makes it work for you? – Look at the email like a reader would. Do you find the subject line interesting? Does it really make you curious? Would you bother about reading it? Answers to these questions will make the job of finding a perfect subject line easier for you.

  3. Personalize – If you can use the past history of the reader to personalize the email according to every individual, that a plus point. If you can’t, try using his or her name in the subject line. Readers always tend to notice their own name and the email can stand out from the clutter in the inbox.

  5. Precise Email subject line should indicate the content of the mail. Catchy subject lines which have no relation to the content of the email will get individuals to open the mail but they’ll be disappointed on finding it irrelevant. You must win the readers’ trust with quality content.

  7. Test – Test different kinds of subject lines and keep a track of the ones that worked the best. These records are very helpful when you are starting out a new campaign as you won’t have to start from the scratch. If you don’t want to try something new with all the readers, test new variations of subject line with a small set.

  9. Spam Filters – You want to ensure that the mail is opened but you don’t want to load your subject line with words that make it land up  in the spam. Free is good but keep it in moderation. Keep it catchy but avoid redundancy.

  11. Keep it urgent – So, you are offering a product on huge discount, mentioning the last date of the offer will increase your chances of getting a conversion. Instead of deals which run for a long time, following the flash sale pattern could get you better results. The subject line should make the offer sound irresistible.You don’t want to give people so much time that they read and forget about it. Something like, ” order today and get free shipping”, ” order today and get a free gift”, etc have a great impact.

  13. FREE’ is not cursed – Using ‘FREE’ in your subject line is still an attention grabber . Anything free, from a gift to a trial can clinch the deal for you but you have to use it in moderation and only when it is required.

On a final note, you need to realise that there is no ‘one’ subject line or pattern which will work for everyone and every time. You must innovate, improvise and keep testing!