Great Email Marketing Resources to Bookmark

Great Email Marketing Resources to Bookmark

Email marketing has the potential to increase your brand awareness, build relationships with customers and add to your bottom line. However, creating and sending effective emails takes a little practice.

Whether you’re new to email marketing, or a veteran with years of experience under your belt, everyone can use a little help. There are hundreds of resources online that can provide the direction you need, but who has time to sift through pages of posts to find the right resource?

To save you time, Juvlon has compiled a list of email marketing resources. In fact, we’ve created an entire eBook that provides 40 email marketing resources that everyone can learn from – no matter what stage of the email marketing process you’re at.

To download the eBook, click here.

Email Marketing Resource Ebook

The eBook provides a comprehensive list of resources that cover nine categories, including everything from best email practices to writing tips.

Here’s a preview of some of the resources you’ll find in the eBook:

Email resources you can learn from

* Email best practices:
Improve Your Email Content With this 7-Minute Workout Routine
Infographic that offers suggestions on improving your email success.

* Email list growth:
5 Ways to Grow Your Email List with Social Media
Tips to improve your email list specifically through social channels.

* 25 Ways to Grow Your Email List:
A list of actionable ways to add more contacts to your list.

* Email design tips:
Email Design Best Practices
An infographic that provides a visual way to think of email design.

* 11 Useful Tips for Designing Welcome Emails:
Welcome emails require a special design touch, and this content explains them.

* Email testing:
13 Email Marketing Tips to Improve Metrics
Once you understand the metrics to watch, this article helps you make improvements.

Why resources are important
Email marketing is a fast growing marketing tactic, but a lot of businesses take it on as a do-it-yourself project. Some businesses don’t have a marketing person in the ranks to handle the job; they prefer to learn as they go.

Others have a marketing person, or maybe even a department of people, but strategies are constantly changing. For those creating and sending emails on a daily basis, it’s too hard to focus on producing emails while reading the latest research.
That’s why Juvlon wanted to create this eBook. To provide a one-stop shop of resources that will improve your email skills without wasting your time.

About the resources
Each resource was thoroughly reviewed, checked for accuracy and provides actionable tips that businesses can use. You won’t find any “theory pieces” that provide conceptual ideas about email marketing. You’ll find real, useable resources.

These are the kinds of resources that you can bookmark on your desktop or laptop and use again and again.

Get the eBook now.

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