Help! I Want to Start Email Marketing!

You want to do email marketing. But you are faced with a lot of difficult tasks ahead. Perhaps these are the questions that you are asking:

“We don’t have a list of emails with us!”
“How should we create our email?” How should it look? What should be its design?”
“What should we write in the email?”
“What should we write in the subsequent emails?”

We understand these pains. We answer them every single day. You are not alone in facing these problems. Big companies, to news websites to small and medium enterprises who have recently started their websites – all of them face these questions.

We have outlined a  10 page document that is aimed at answering all of these questions.


It gives simple tactics to

  • Build your email list over  a period of time
  • Shows you how to build your first email template
  • Talks about how to generate content for you emails

The document gives tips on each of the following tactics to build your email list:

  • Subscription forms on Website
  • Using Other Websites
  • Using your current business contacts
  • Social Media
  • Offline tactics
  • Customer Interaction
  • Referrals

There is more information on how to create your first template and how to start gathering content for your emails.

Download the document here.

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