Help! What do I write in my newsletters?

Did you send out one big image-advert in your email to your readers again?

Granted, your campaign creative was great, but does this happen to you too often? If you are short on staff and time here is a post that might just help organize your writing:

1 Structure: Think of your email like a magazine or newspaper. Create two-three big sections. People can then build up a relationship with it and skim read it easily.

2. Visual: Use headlines,  small images and text introductions. Give ‘read more’ links so that readers can skim quickly and choose to click and read stuff they are interested in.

3. Relevant: Keep the content on topic. No essays. Be to the point. Keep the text short; up to two sentences in a line.

4. Useful: Give topical information that the reader can actually use.

5. Call to Action: Whats the objective of your email? Keep that button loud and clear in the email.

Content Topics:

Depending on who your audience is, here is a broad range of topics that you can think of:What to write in your emails?

Special Offers / Sales deals. No need to explain this. We all want to sell.

News related to Industry. So you are an commerce company selling sunglasses. No one said you can’t include that nice interview with your CEO in your email or how you got inspired to start the company. It’s all a part of building your brand with your readers, right?

Client speak / Customer Feedback. So you got an email or a tweet from someone whom you delighted. Include a line in your email.

Interactive. Ask a question. Seek a reply. It helps your IP reputation as well.Seek a poll. We all have opinions on IPL to PILs. Seek a quick funny/informative poll.

What’s new on the website. Did you add a google map on your website showing all your store locations? Give a quick update here.

Feedback. Seek a quick feedback on your new ad / new product. You have the opportunity to talk to the readers directly. That’s the beauty of email.