How To Determine The Right Email Content For Your Subscribers

Content is a bait that attracts attention of the customer towards offers, products and services. It has to be something that interests the audience. Content is the vital ingredient in emails that you send to customers with a certain goal in mind. It has the power to attract or repeal the audience. Once you connect with the audience the association with the audience becomes stronger and improves click throughs.

So, how will you create contents that connects with your audience?

Here are some tips to create content that improves click throughs:

1. Adding value to customer experience
Customers expect some more information about the company and products/ services, which helps them in their decision making. Your information in the email should lead them to hit the call to action button. Have an email created about your company; the brand, have an infographic, or let it lead to a white paper that mentions customer experience that your brand provides. You can also give industry information to educate your customer about the latest happenings in the market.

2. Use Personalization
When you segment your audience based on demography you can identify their preferences. It can be done based on variables such as income, gender, age, occupation, family size, etc. By conducting A/B testing you can study the response of your audience and understand customer preferences better.

You can also ask audiences to give some more information about themselves like birth dates, anniversary dates, education, etc. Based on this information you can create personalized content. When you send personalized emails the click through rates improve by 14% and conversions by 10.

3. Communicate through Graphics
When audiences hear information, they remember around 10% of it three days later. Instead, if a relevant image paired with it people retain 65% of it three days later. This is the effect of images on audiences so, why not have images along with words in your email? It is the ideal way that leads to brand recall. Videos are also widely used to get a response from customers.

According to study conducted by Cisco the global internet traffic from videos will be 80% of all the internet traffic by the year 2019.

4. Write killer Subject lines
Often some emails have irrelevant or misleading subject lines. Subject line is the first thing that audiences notice and it should be personalized, short, relevant and appealing.

Misleading subject line leave a bad impression on your audiences:

You are entitled for a free credit card. Congratulations

The email doesn’t promise anything of that sort.

misleading subject line

Appealing subject line attract audiences:

Open to Read More On Benefits of Health Insurance

appealing subject line

Short subject line:

New arrivals, get ready

Personalized subject line:

We care for your health.

Time bound subject line:

Last day of the super sale

Personalized subject lines have 26% more possibility of getting opened by customers

Clarity in the message
Have the clarity about what is the aim of your email marketing campaign. What do you intent to achieve? Your aim can be: customers should visit your website, develop a connect with audience, brand recall, sale, read the report, etc. Only when you have this clarity will your email generate response from audiences.


Also, the message should be simple and short. Along with these things, keep in mind the fonts and color combination used should be appealing. The call-to-action button should be visible and attractive.

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