How to Integrate Social Media With Email?

You love tweeting, you have a good fan following on your Facebook page, wouldn’t it be great to have social media integrated with Email too?! Well, we at Juvlon think you don’t need to make an either or choice! You can easily integrate social media with an email.

Here are a few ways to integrate social media with email:


  • Add Buttons: Have prominent Twitter / Youtube / Facebook buttons in the email that link to your social media page in the email. This makes it easier for your customers to connect with you.
  • Mention Your Link: Inserting an image in the email is not sufficient, you also need to mention your Twitter handle as well as Facebook and You Tube URLs.
  • Share: You can use social media to share the link of your newsletter’s web version to your followers or fans.
  • Cross Post to email: Talk about your social media contest, winners, or a remark by a follower in your emails.
  • Mention on social media that your newsletter is out. Get them to subscribe to it. If you have image based newsletters, you can even post them on twitter orĀ maintainĀ a Facebook album.

Both social media and emails have some limitations when they are used alone. Email is an effective way of attracting new customers. Social media sites like Facebook and You Tube have a separate option of subscribe where your followers can subscribe to your updates.This option ensure that all your updates are seen by people.Social media is fast paced so, you can reach out to your customers in a jiffy but the life time of feed is also less since the update will soon be lost in sea of updates. This is where email comes in handy because it will be archived and it can be referred as and when required. Make the best of emails and social media for the success of your products and services!