Importance of auto correct email address

Some typos can be the reasons for the failure of an important marketing campaign. It especially holds true in the case of email marketing campaigns. Most times, businesses get typos in the email addresses of their subscribers for different reasons. This leads to wasting of precious resources and resulting negative results. Since for an email marketing – a correct email address is the only key to approaching a potential client or customer and when this crucial key gets wrong at the very first step of the marketing campaign, how can you expect any results from it? If the email address is mistyped or has an alphabet missing for e.g. — instead of — and you do not get any message for this typo or do not get it corrected, you will end up sending your emails to the fake, wrong addresses. Such errors can cause a major hindrance for any email marketing campaign and hence…the campaign will be a failure. Juvlon has come up with an easy solutions to deal with this email address typo issues. Let us first check how can these typos ruin your email marketing efforts.

Consequences of wrong email address or typos
1. The wrong email address can definitely lose the purpose and are futile to the customers and the company.
2. Customers do want to subscribe to news alerts, promotions, newsletters, etc., however, they are unable to as they are typing a wrong email address, which simply does not exist.
3. At times, the request does not reach companies who truly need genuine customers.
4. It can create a big loss for businesses and customers if the two do not get connected. The company will be losing on potential clients and hence it will directly affect the profit of the enterprise.
5. On the other hand, the customer is unaware as to why the company is not responding or why the email address is not being replied.
6. The emails may be a sensitive and private and might be sent to a wrong person.
7. Number of typo errors may lead to heavy bounces and degrade the sender and IP reputation.

Solution to deal with email typos
Juvlon has come up with an easy solution to auto correct typos in the email address during an email marketing campaign. This program allows email addresses to get corrected automatically and recorded correctly. This way it helps the client to get the access to the website and also subscribe to the same. The email addresses are auto-corrected right the time of uploading. Post uploading you receive a report of Upload details, Upload Statistics and Summary of Unsuccessful Uploads (refer to image-1). You will also find a report of why the email addresses were unsuccessfully uploaded. In this report you will find the list of auto-corrected email addresses (refer to image-2).


The advantages of auto correct in typos
There are thousands of companies who are losing out on customers just because they are typing the wrong emails. It can be frustrating for companies as they are unable to get the right response from the customers and clients are unable to connect to the company. However, with the use of auto correct systems companies can benefit due to the accurate solutions that help the email to be error free and from getting invalid. When the email addresses are typed wrongly, they get corrected automatically and hence no issues arise. It is a great way for those who cannot type easily and with speed.

Drawbacks of the program
What if the address is not mistyped or there is no typo? This can cause a lot of irritation caused to the user when the auto correct system corrects it. The auto correct system sometimes changes the email addresses by adding or removing an alphabet, which may not be desired. In some cases an alphabet does not actually exist in the email address, but the auto correct system might add it for e.g. if the original address of the email is – it might be fixed as – Such mistakes do arise with auto-correct systems.
With Juvlon, the email addresses come up auto corrected. Juvlon simply auto corrects the email address when a domain name typo has been detected. It generates a report that has the list of auto – correct email address. Go ahead and take a free trial, upload the list and access the report post uploading to know how Juvlon auto-corrects wrong email addresses.


About the Author:
Monika Shegokar, Senior Customer Relations Executive at Niche Software Solutions, regularly communicates with Juvlon users and guides them to derive the most out of their email marketing program.

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