Importance Of Email List Hygiene

Your email marketing campaign hugely depends on the number of customers responding or actively engaging. Subscribers may not maintain the same behaviour over time. Some of them can become unengaged thus, hurting the overall performance of the list. So a wise marketer keeps a track on the changes in the response of subscribers to maintain a healthy email list.

Maintain a healthy email list:
Subscriber’s list is a dynamic list to be revised regularly.
1) Clean up:
Emails sent to invalid or inactive email addresses bounce back. They don’t contribute to the marketing campaign and adversely impact the delivery rates. So remove them from your email list. An email marketing company will track and remove the misspelled addresses, spam and also test the list of email addresses. The automated system will try atleast two times before deleting an email id from the list. Some subscribers are latent, they never respond. Clear them off the list as the aim of the campaign is engaging customers.

2) Bounced emails:
You’ve caught the attention of a prospective customer who has subscribed to your email option. Sounds great! Your job is done. Not exactly, the email address might be static, because the subscriber may have created a new email address, changed his job or simply stopped logging into that account. Emails sent to such addresses bounce back. Either it’s a hard bounce or a soft bounce.

What’s a hard bounce?
It’s a permanent reason for non-delivery of the email; it may be due to non-existent email address or domain name. Quite often it’s observed that the user actively blocks the delivery.

What is a soft bounce?
A temporary delivery issue results in the failure of the email delivery. This is referred to as soft bounce and usually occurs when the server is temporarily offline, mailbox is full, or the message is too large to be delivered.

3) Wake up the dead:
Emails inactive for above six months are ‘dead’. It’s time to re-engage and wake up the dead; the ones who have stopped opening your emails. Motivate your audience to respond before knocking them off the list. Send some interesting emails to this list by changing the subject line or using content that would revive their interest. Give them a choice to confirm if they wish to receive emails, unsubscribe or change email preferences.

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Re-engage and revive:
It’s time you study the response of this re-engagement campaign. Find out the subscribers who responded and drop subscribers who didn’t respond.

Once you have skimmed the list, set up an auto-reminder to drop the inactive subscribers every 3-6 months. Remember when you repeatedly send emails to non-existent addresses or to spam folders it hampers your IP reputation.

4) Confirm the choice:
Once anyone signs in for the email subscription, they opt-in. Follow it up with a second mail by asking them to click on a link to confirm the subscription. This ensures that you are mailing people who are eager to hear from you and the email id is correct as well.


Build a clean email list by asking your followers on social networking sites to opt-in for emails. You can also direct them to your blog or website; from there they might opt-in for emails. An integrated content marketing strategy connecting all platforms can give you a healthy email subscribers’ list.

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