Email Tips for the Festive Season

Jumpstart Your Holiday Email Campaigns

Festive season has begun so it’s just the right time to delight customers by sharing their happiness and doubling it with some offers. Inboxes are full with festive offers, so how do you make an impression and grab customer attention with your email holiday campaigns? What would you do to maximize this opportunity and push up ROI?

The mantra to achieve targeted ROI this festive season from email marketing is
Prepare ahead of times

Tips to maximize ROI with email marketing for festive season:

1. Who is your customer?
Begin the process by defining your customer base. Determine who are they? What excites them to trigger a response? What is the most effective way to reach them? Infact when you send email holiday campaigns to smaller group of customers the open rates are higher as messages can be more personalized and customer engagement rises.

2. Loyal customer base:
Keep your loyal, repeat customer base in mind. Shoot them emails about special offers and upcoming sales. Send discount codes and personalized emails to them. Response from such concentrated efforts is often impressive.

Hyatt Offers and Sale Example

3. Create content and plan offers in advance:
Choose your target audience, set goals and design offers well before the festive season starts. When these things are pre-decided you can have rest of the things put in line like the right subject lines, call to action, images, etc. When all the aspects of the campaign are well coordinated from the beginning to end it surely boosts the response rates.

4. Get your website ready for the festive season:
When your email marketing for festive season includes landing pages on your website, discounts, offers or new products, incorporate them on your website. All these corresponding changes should be tested so that you avoid last-minute rush.

5. Prepare a schedule:
Start sending emails and keep in touch with customers well before the season. But,don’t send too many messages. To make your festive campaign successful, create a schedule for holiday promotion. Brainstorm with your marketing team about how many emails you need to send to be successful. Also, decide when you need to send these mails – meaning the timing and frequency. Rely on the past data and analyse it. This data will tell you what your customers are responding to and what do they expect

OLA Email Marketing Example

6. Segmentation:
Customers fall in two categories: ones who buy ahead of time, and those who buy last minute. You need to appeal to both groups so send special offers before the season and as it nears.
Track people who act early and send them a thank you mail with another offer as season nears. Follow up with those who didn’t act, they might need a reminder.

7. Engaged customers:
Send relevant mails to engaged customers as they are the revenue generators. Subscribers shun boring and annoying mails, for example if someone has bought 2 pairs of sneakers from you, they won’t need a message sharing more information on sneakers. Loyal customers want to know about new products, not old ones. So track the data and send targeted mails to your engaged customer for continued interest.

Flipkart Email Marketing Example

8. Inactive subscribers:
Just because some customers don’t interact or respond to campaigns doesn’t mean they don’t need you. They are probably waiting for the right time and offer to act. For many, holiday season is the best time. Don’t forget to send a holiday greeting to thank your loyal customer for their patronage around the year.

The Juvlon team is here to assist you to plan email marketing for the festive season. Grab this opportunity for maximizing ROI by creating a campaign that is best suited to your business.

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