Let your Email do the talking retailers!

Email campaigns for retailers are specifically about 3 things – increase sales, fuel engagement and strengthen the brand value. Retail is by far the most competitive sector to do business as competitors are a plenty and they don’t run out of ideas. Creativity coupled with passion is what creates a winning situation for retailers while pursuing their customers.

We know, the general format of emails that are sent out to customers of any retail organization:

1. Catchy subject line
2. Crisp body copy
3. Supporting figures and deals
4. Clear call to action

Now you might have done all this by the book and yet the results might have not turned out to be as good as expected. Here are some ways in which marketers add some zest to their emails to make it more interesting and interactive.

1. Time it with the Fandom
Cult, fantasy, sci-fi and superhero stories have pulled a niche group of die-hard fans from across the globe. These people live by the characters and love to make them a part of their lives in any which way they can. Cash in on the loyal sentiment towards these fictional characters to craft something as appealing as this one by VoxPop clothing when Captain America: Civil War released last week. The subject line, the copy all of it screams out to Captain America and Iron Man fanatics motivating them to buy your products.

Voxpop Email Marketing Example

2. Let them know why they would love shopping with you
It’s not just promotional emails that can win your customers. Support emails are very important when it comes to striking a chord with your target group. This welcome mail from Voonik really picked my curiosity and made me feel special at the same time! Tell them that you are super stumped for having them. Tell them why they would love to shop at your store and what is it that you are offering them, JUST for them. THAT special offering is what will nail your email. Voonik offers clothing choices as per your taste, complexion, body type and your personality. I wouldn’t mind paying for this customization you know!

Voonik Email Marketing Example

3. Talk about why a particular product or style should be a part of their collection
Customers don’t always come to you with a need in their mind. As the level of lifestyle has stepped up, customers can now afford anything they want and with multitude of options that are available. The task at hand is to CREATE a need and offer the answer to their need right then and there leading them to the purchase. Dormify, a space styling brand, does a great job at urging the customers to shop from their collection through this email.

Dormify Email Marketing Campaign Example

4. Let the Festivities Galore
Customers believe that purchases made on some specific auspicious days are good. Brick and mortar stores have always cashed in on the festivities to boost their sales. For eg: Akshaya Tritiya is considered as the most auspicious day of the year and is celebrated in India buy purchasing gold. Jewelry brands in India make maximum sales on this day due to this age old custom.

Tribe Email Marketing Campaign Example

Email campaigns for retail have a very specific purpose and all of them follow that. Customers receive scores of such emails and that’s where the skill lies – to rise through the clutter. Nail that subject like to pick their interest and let the body copy communicate your message quickly as the email hits the reader’s visual senses. Contact Juvlon for marketing your fabulous products.