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Marketing Lessons To Take Ahead In The New Year

The year 2017 has been a year with a lot of progress for many of Juvlon’s happy customers. We are thrilled to see how many small businesses have climbed the ladder of growth steadily through Email and SMS marketing.

With the urge to learn and grow constantly, Juvlon has also been creating a lot of educational content surrounding better ways to practice Email and SMS marketing. With helpful tips in the form of blogs, info-graphics, and whitepapers, our subscribers base has grown and responded tremendously.

While starting the New Year very soon, we want to take forward some important lessons that brands need to take forward into 2018. We’ve compiled a list of our 17 most popular marketing posts from 2017, especially for our readers.

Read on to start the new year with a bang!

1. How to use Confirmation Emails to increase customer engagement
2. Super Easy Hacks For Promotional Email Marketing
3. Sending Emails In The Moments That Matter
4. Evolution of Email Marketing Design Trends
5. How Popular Brands Use SMS Marketing
6. How to Use Email Marketing to Support a Product Launch
7. The 5 Reasons Of Marketing Automation Success
8. Importance Of Email List Hygiene
9. Email Marketing For Non-profit Organisations
10. Email Brand Case Study : Urban Ladder
11. Get Started With Customer Journeys
12. Automated Emails You Should Be Sending
13. Using SMS for Communications In Educational Institutions
14. Email Personalization Examples You Can’t Help But Love
15. 10 Tips to Wow Your Email Subscribers
16. What Should You Check Before Deploying Your SMS Campaign
17. Ideas To Integrate Your Email And SMS Campaigns

Hope you find these posts useful and implement the effective marketing strategies to increase your business ROI. Contact us if you want us to help you with your marketing activities.

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