Measure your SMS campaign effectiveness

SMS marketing is the most personal way to reach your customer. It grabs your customer’s attention instantly and is the most efficient way of communication. Return of Investment is high because, sending text messages in inexpensive, easy and direct. Almost everyone is mobile now and text messages reach faster than email and print media.

Measuring SMS campaign is a prerequisite to improve it’s results. Firstly, define what you want to achieve through the SMS marketing campaign? Later, set metrics to track the campaign. SMS campaigns need to be analysed and measured for future effectiveness.

8 ways to measure the effectiveness of SMS campaign:

1. What can Report Analysis reveal?

Report Analysis Method to Measure Success of Campaign


When you launch campaigns such as surveys, voting, contests or questionnaires, using report analysis method will give the true picture of their success. Report analysis will reveal:
Undelivered and delivered messages thus, indicating exact number of recipients. Number of customers who responded to the message sent by interacting or sending feedback.
Most responsive target audience according to demography, gender, and age (but, you should have these categories created beforehand).

2. Discount vouchers and cash codes:
At the last stage of purchasing at a store, customers can show these discount vouchers to avail a discount. Add up all the realised vouchers; compare the number of messages that you sent and the number of customers who received the SMS and decided to make a purchase.

Discount vouchers and cash codes SMS


Through this you can accurately calculate the number of people who responded to the SMS marketing campaign, and sale per person redeeming the voucher. There is another possibility in case of discount vouchers; customers may have themselves downloaded the voucher through their mobile phones during the campaign. In such a case you can calculate the number of people who downloaded the voucher and people who actually redeemed it. There are customers who download the voucher but don’t visit the shop. So dig into the reasons why customers chose not to visit the shop to improve on your future SMS campaigns.

3. Vouchers for online purchases:
When a customer redeems a voucher after registering online you can check the effectiveness of your SMS campaign. When the campaign ends, summarise the number of new registrations using the code sent to customer’s mobile phone and calculate online sales using the code. Lastly, calculate Return on Investment using the data you have collected.

4. Sales average
This can be used for many types of marketing campaigns to calculate the rise in sales. There are various factors, which result into rise in sales; holiday season, introducing new collection, seasons sales, introductory offer, etc. Through sales average method you can calculate how your campaign affected the sales; though these results are not explicit.

5. Growing number of subscribers:
This is like a chain effect; people who subscribe to your SMS marketing campaign do so as a response to the text SMS that you send. This growth rate is measured by subtracting the previous subscribers from the current subscribers. Divide this result by the total number of previous subscribers.

6. Customers respond as per your expectations:

Customer Response to SMS Campaign


Whenever you launch a SMS campaign measure how many subscribers give the response you wish, like make a purchase, book an appointment or simply visit your site. From this figure you will understand what kind of offers prompt a response? Divide the total number of subscribers who take an action by the total number of customers who have subscribed to your SMS service.

7. Cost of each subscriber:
Keep a tab of how much you spend on each purchase the customer makes. Through this you can calculate the Return on Investment for each campaign.
Define the cost of per message sent and divide it by number of people who made a purchase.

8. Customers opting out:

Opting Out Customers in SMS Campaigns


There will be some subscribers who will opt out your SMS service. Calculate the number of subscribers that you lose through your SMS campaign. Take the number of subscribers who opt out and divide it by total subscribers. Those who opt out don’t find your products / services relevant. It shows that you need to study your target audience.

Monitoring SMS campaigns optimises results and leads to precise targeting of audience. When you have well thought content and the interface is user friendly success of SMS marketing campaign is ensured. Juvlon is here to guide you through SMS campaigns and assists in optimising them. Visit our website and take a free trial.