New Feature: Multiple Test Lists

Every time you send a mailer through Juvlon, it is first sent to the test list by default. Some of our customers have told us that they need to deal with different sets of test emails. They have different departments in their company and have different approvers for each type of campaign. This applies even more to those customers who have multiple users using their Juvlon account. We have been listening and working towards fulfilling our customers’ requests.

We’ve added a new feature of Multiple Test Lists in Juvlon. Using this feature, Juvlon users can create and maintain up to 10 test lists in each account.

Managing Multiple Test Lists

Test lists are placed in the lists directory along with your other lists. You can create up to 9 test lists within the Test Lists folder. For every Juvlon account, an Instant Test List is created by default. The default Instant Test List cannot be deleted or renamed. You can add subscribers to any test list, either one-at-a-time in detail or 10 quick addresses. The option to add addresses through a file upload is not available for test lists. Apart from these limitations, you can manage test lists in the same way as your regular lists.


For all customers who have accounts with Juvlon prior to Dec 10 2012, all members in their existing Test list will get copied into a new a list called Test in the Test Lists folder.

Sending Your Test Mailers

While sending you are now shown a Testing dialog-box where you can choose one or more test lists to send your mailer-to. All the lists created in your Test Lists folder are shown here.

Test Sending


Alternatively, you can also specify a new set of 5 emails to send your test mails to. These new emails will be automatically added to the Instant Test List and all existing members of the Instant Test List will be removed.

Look for the dots

Once a test mailer is received, it is easily distinguished with 3 dots appended to the subject line.(Caveat: You may not be able to see the dots in your Inbox listing if your subject line is too long). See the sample screen shot below:


We hope this new feature proves useful to you. Happy Testing!

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