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Newsletters are the Goldmine you have been looking for

Every $1 spent on email marketing gets a return of $45 to $50. This study was conducted by Experian and it certainly isn’t a surprising revelation that email marketing is the best interactive way to communicate with your customers. Email newsletters are the most popular platform to personalize communication with customers and an effective form of email marketing.

I do think one of the things about email that people respond to, and that makes it different from a blog, is that because it comes from my personal email address and lands in your inbox, there’s something a little more intimate about it.” – Dave Pell

Bombarded with advertising what is the customer looking for?
Customers are already bombarded with advertising. With so much of noise surrounding them they are retaining lesser information. But, while buying products they want to know what the company stands for, the culture and future plans. Consumers identify with the brand, develop a relationship with it and resonate it’s identity. They want to know what more you can offer them apart from what is obvious and available. Newsletters are a platform to communicate all of this.

Benefits of Newsletters:

Opportunity to have a dialogue:
When a newsletter lands in your customers’ inbox it opens an opportunity for your customers to interact with you and they can have an open dialogue too.

High response rate:
Response to newsletters is high as they are sent to customers who have opted for it. Which means they are interested in your products/services and wish to keep knowing more.

Customer engagement:
Return Path, a data solutions company, believes that when newsletters are packed with great content, and follow email best practices they help marketers in strengthening customer engagement and staying connected with audiences. Customers connect with brands and companies they like. If they have chosen to subscribe your newsletter it’s a clear indication that they are interested in your brand. Now that you have created interest it’s your priority to maintain it and create brand loyal customers. Newsletters provide value, they are a tool to reach customers on a personal level, go beyond sales to inform customers with interesting content that resonates with them.

NextDraft Newsletter Example

Top 5 tips to create newsletter that improve brand image and engagement:

Get to the root cause of branding:
People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. If you talk about what you believe, you will attract those who believe what you believe.” – Simon Sinek

Sinek says that few people know why they do what they do. Why doesn’t mean profits, they are just a result. What is the purpose or cause, what do you believe in? This is the crux of branding and business in a world which is already noisy with innumerable messages. Communicate to your audience your purpose and why you exist through the email newsletter clearly. Design and create newsletters than focus and revolve around this one thing.

List your goals clearly:
What is your newsletter supposed to do? Sell? Keep that urge at bay and put your customer as your priority. Personalize, call them by their first name, don’t waste their time (use bullet points, bold, hyperlink and be brief).

Add value to their life:
Share expert advice, customer testimonial, upcoming events, offer a coupon or a discount and ask them their preferences. Hit a dialogue with them and don’t forget to thank them once they respond.

World of Moms Newsletter Example

Generate activity and engagement:
Email newsletters can build your online community by starting a conversation in the inbox. Here the engagement should be focused. Interested subscribers will share their views and promote it on social media platforms.

Short, shorter, shortest:
Use hyperlinks, short titles, with lesser time consuming reads. Customers prefer reading the first link and subsequently the interest diminishes. Thus, keep it short, simple and try sending semi monthly email newsletters instead of sending monthly lengthy ones.

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