Reasons Why Your Email Newsletter Is Not Being Read?

What is the purpose of creating newsletters that are drop dead interesting but, don’t appeal the audiences? So, before you create and send email newsletters it’s imperative that you define the target audience. Defining your audience is the first step to any marketing strategy. If you aren’t clear about your target audience all the marketing efforts are directionless.

Let us ponder over the reasons why customers choose not to read newsletters?

1. Irrelevant information:

You’ve promised customers that you would be sharing information about the industry and trends through the newsletter. They have instantly signed up the mailing list trusting you. Instead you’ve ended up sending promotional offers. As soon as your customer opens the email their trust is broken. Replacing useful information with blatant promotional offers leads to uninterested audiences.

2. Chunky – content heavy emails:

The newsletter you send to target audiences shouldn’t be full of content, as it discourages them from reading it. The attention span of online audiences is short. You’ve got to make the most of these few moments. Visually a combination of images, healthy content, and videos would be compelling and attractive. Its difficult and unappealing to scan through an overwhelming amount of content and such email newsletters will be immediately put in the trash bin by the consumer. Quickly make your point with minimal words. Though there are two images in the below newsletter it is content heavy and customers wouldn’t prefer such a newsletter.

3. The absence of unique voice to the content:

Content plays a major role in attracting audiences. Content should be expressed in a voice that appeals the audiences and connects with them. Like every writer or singer has a signature voice, content in the newsletter should have a signature voice too.

Content Heavy Newsletters

4. Headings aren’t catchy:

Often in a newsletter, you share articles or few pieces of information and distinguish them by using headlines. These headlines should be catchy and short. These few words should be catchy in a way that the audiences are motivated to click on them and read the news further. It should generate curiosity to know more about the story you wish to share. The below newsletter will engage the audiences as it is clearly divided into three sections; the poem, information about the poem and then about the poet.

Emails with catchy headlines

5. Not sharing your story:

Since childhood we are introduced to the form of story-telling. Your customers would love it if you start with stories that would be interesting and attention catching. When you don’t create curiosity and drama, audiences lose interest. So, as you share any information with your audiences, create a storyline that engages the audience from start to end. Readers aren’t interested in information, which is plain and boring; stating only facts.

6. You are not learning from audiences:

Analytics will reveal how the audiences are responding and what kind of information they are interested in. But, if you aren’t reading and interpreting analytics, your future email newsletters won’t be interesting enough for your audiences. Analytics are an effective way to understand your audiences and keep improving your newsletters based on the way they react to it. Create email newsletters that appeal to your audiences so they further respond to them just the way you want them to by studying and interpreting the analytics report.

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